What You Need To Know About Peg Perego Skateboard Accessories

peg perego skate stroller accessories

The Peg Perego Skateboard Accessories range from Baby to Toddler is designed to be compatible with the parent and the child. Skateboarding is great fun but does have a certain danger that can put your child’s safety at risk. It is important to know what the various types of accessories are for and how they can enhance your child’s experience. This article looks at just one of the many accessories available and shows you how they can be used to make your child more secure.


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The front wheels on this stroller are fitted to the vehicle so as to give stability. Your child can sit inside and look out but the Peg Perego Skateboard Accessories range does have a good balance. There are also a few extra attachments available. These include a bungee strap which can be used to secure your child onto the stroller. This bungee strap attaches at the back of the stroller to ensure your child doesn’t slide around.

You can buy wheels and tyres to go with this range. The wheels are designed specifically to suit children up to the age of two. These wheels are flexible so as to enable them to negotiate turns. At the rear there are also a number of storage pockets. You can fit one or two of these into the front or the back.

Variety Of Colors

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These Peg Perego Skateboard Accessories comes in a range of bright colours. They are designed to blend in with the surroundings and compliment your child’s outfit. The accessory comes with both sets of skates so as to be able to use them both as and when you need to. There is also an attachment for hanging your child’s booties. This helps to keep your baby warm during those winter days when it can get quite cold.

Peg Perego Skateboard Accessories also comes with a wide range of different attachments. Some of these include a T-Bar, which acts as a platform to hang your skateboard on. This is made from strong nylon and is secured to the board using simple fasteners. It also includes a bungee rope that attaches to the board using double butters. This allows for the skateboard to be carried along behind you as you walk.

Adjustable Rods

The T-Bar can be adjusted for length at the touch of one button. This makes it easier for you to get the right fit when you are buying clothing for your child. The other option is to have it permanently attached to the board. This is especially useful if you are going to be transporting it around with your child.

Skateboard riding should not only be fun for you and your child but it should also be safe. The Peg Perego brand has been manufacturing high quality accessories for years and you can be sure that you will get excellent service. This will ensure that your board remains in good condition and you will also have access to support and after sales assistance if you need it. If you have any further questions, the company provides an online support chat service.


It is important to keep in mind that each board is made from a unique blend of plastic. This means that there will be differences between boards depending on the brand that you buy. You should always ensure that the Peg Perego skateboard accessories that you are looking at are compatible. This means that they are made to fit the exact same style of skateboard that you have. You can also check with retailers to see if the accessories that you are looking at are available locally. If they are, they will normally be able to provide you with high street value prices.

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