What You Can Find At A Chico Skate Park

chico skate park

Chico skate parks are perfect places for skaters of all ages and abilities. They are close to major universities. This makes them accessible from anywhere in the city. You can use the text or email system to send the location of Chico Skate Park directly to your cell phone. This will notify you when new skateboarding events are available.

Location Of The Chico State Park

Skate Park

Chico Skate Park is located in Humboldt Avenue, Chico, CA – 99661. In addition to this great park, there are also twelve other skateboard parks located in Chico. These parks are in various neighborhoods, towns, and areas of the county. They are great places for skaters to go and enjoy themselves while learning to skateboard.

What’s New In The New Chico State Park?

Skate Park

The new Chico skate park is open each day from noon until nightfall. Skateboarders can come and experience a new way of skating in Chico. There is no parking at the skate parks; you simply pay by the hour or day to access the skate park. This gives skaters a sense that they do not have to worry about parking during the day.

The new skateboarding culture has spread throughout the entire country. Chico is one of the cities that has embraced this new way of skating. This city has a new way of supporting this new hobby. People worldwide can find out about what Chico is all about and plan on visiting at least one time during their lifetimes.

The Chico skateboard park has an open day on the first Saturday of every month. This gives skaters the chance to go to the skateboarding park, learn the tricks, and try out the new Chico gears. The skateboarding enthusiast will have a great time in Chico during the open day.

How Are The Lessons Offered By The Chico Skateboard?

In addition, the Chico skateboard park offers lessons to local skaters regularly. The teachers can be beneficial and very knowledgeable about the sport of skateboarding. There are over twenty instructors teaching people how to ride their first board regularly. The more people who learn to skateboard, the more the park will become a tourist attraction and bring in more customers.

Many local schools are now offering Chico skateboarding programs to their students, and the parents of these students are taking advantage of this. The benefits of having your child participate in a Chico skate park are numerous. First of all, Chico is a reasonably safe place to skate, and you will find other skateboarders all over the park and in the nearby neighborhoods. In addition, many of the teens that live around the area go skateboarding when they are not at school, and these good skateboarders hang out at the Chico Park after school so that the parents of the students can see them.

Final Thoughts

Chico skateboarding is an excellent and fun sport. There are many places worldwide where you can learn to skateboard, including indoor and outdoor locations and the skate parks are no exception. Parents must stay aware of the dangers of skating in places not designed for skateboarding and be sure that they know where to skate if they plan to visit a Chico skate park.

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