What Skateboarding Is? Let Us Know Some Tips And Tricks

Olympic Skateboarder - A 14-Year Old Child

What Skateboarding Is? When you’re at college or high school, there are a few different types of transportation for getting from class to class. Some people use bikes, scooters, skateboard, or their own two feet. I prefer skateboards, and they come with great perks, but they’re not always the best option. 

Skateboarding is tough to learn, but if you keep at it, you will eventually get better at it, and you’ll learn more and more tricks. As you advance, you’ll get the freedom to do more advanced skills, you get to jump higher, longer, and have even more fun! When you get perfect, you get to more gnarly tricks, more robust stunts. And it’s scary man, it’s always a fine thread between landing a trick and falling on your ass, and that’s where you get that good feeling of a rush.

What Skateboarding Is? Let Us Know Some Tips And Tricks
What Skateboarding Is? Let Us Know Some Tips And Tricks

What Skateboarding Is? Some Points To Keep In Mind

You will eventually fall and hurt yourself at times. I’m lying on the couch right now, actually with an ice-pack on my foot for the first time because I sprained my foot trying to do a stunt on a mini ramp.

I like to think of this sport as a metaphor for life. It’s hard, you keep working at it, you get better, you fall, you get up, you try again, and you fall once more – eventually it all adds up for the better – you get to experience by doing and by making mistakes. And that’s how you get better.

I want to end this impulse-written post by saying that I’m in a place where skateboarding takes away a lot of the stresses of the adult life, it’s a pleasant environment where people (mostly) are encouraging you to do better, and when you get it, they cheer for you. But really, that’s not so important. The most important thing is that YOU like it for YOURSELF. The feeling of improvement and struggle and the awkward excitement of learning flips is worth it when you land it those first times, after applying yourself, focusing, and trying over and over again.

What Skateboarding Is? Let Us Know Some Tips And Tricks
What Skateboarding Is? Let Us Know Some Tips And Tricks

Some More To Tuck In

Therefore, buy a decent skateboard from a proper skate shop. Tell the staff that you need a proper one, like everyone else skates and not some beginner thing.

 Because anything less than proper equipment will cause you to struggle and fail, and you shouldn’t ever blame your equipment.

Make sure the trucks are stiff enough to hold your weight but loose enough to steer the board comfortably without feeling unstable.

 Because trucks too loose will cause the wheels to ‘catch’ on the bottom of the board when you steer too sharply and stop the board dead, throwing you off. If the trucks are too stiff, you won’t be able to drive out of the way of things/people.

Don’t just go to a busy skatepark and join in. Always try finding a quiet, smooth carpark or space and practice some basics.

Because you can’t skateboard yet, and you need to learn to start, push, steer, and stop confidently. Without this, you’ll just be getting in people’s way, people will hate you, and you won’t have an enjoyable time.

Try and find someone else your age also trying to skate.

Because you’ll progress faster, you haven’t got to like this person, but you’ll have someone to charge around with, and you won’t feel so hopeless on your own.

You will feel hopeless.

Because despite what people will tell you, skateboarding is the art of falling over and sometimes staying on. So, be ready to tumble! I advise people to take a few Judo lessons because unless you learn how to fall safely, you’ll be in pain quickly (maybe in too much pain to continue) or covered in head to toe in pads and no-one wants that  – actually, a pair of elbow pads is probably an excellent idea!

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