Types of cruiser skateboards

cruiser skateboard

Cruiser skateboards are generally used as transportation. They have bigger and wider wheels than traditional street-style skateboards, which makes it easier to go over pebbles and cracks on the road. They often come with a kickback design which eases stress on your leg muscles when riding. Cruiser decks tend to be very big and quite bulky, which makes them more stable than regular street skateboards. They are also designed with rough surfaces to give you a better grip while riding. The main body is made of maple, and the heavy-weighted wheels are usually 59mm in diameter.

History of cruiser skateboard:

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The cruiser skateboard was invented back in the early 1930. They were used by surfers in California to get them from the beaches to their homes with ease after a day of surfing. Since then, it has become very popular with kids and teenagers who use them for transportation in urban areas.

What are the different types of cruiser skateboards?

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There are several types of cruiser skateboards available out there. The Cruiser board, Old school cruiser skateboard, longboarding, and drop-through cruisers. Let’s find out what exactly they mean:

Cruiser decks are usually big with rough surfaces which provides you greater grip while riding. The puck-like design is good for cruising, but not the best when it comes to turning.

The Old school cruiser is great for stunts. They are designed with a kicktail which makes it easier to ollie and do other tricks on this board. Most of them come with big wheels which provide smooth rides but can be quite rough on uneven roads.

The Longboards are pretty much the same as that cruiser skateboards, but they are longer. The longboard is an excellent choice for beginners who want to try out surfing without having to spend thousands on a surfboard! They can be used on almost any surface and excels in carving down your local hills.

The Drop-through cruiser is the most common and simple design among all other types. It has a flat deck that rests on top of trucks and wheels. They are very stable, good for carving and commuting. These boards also give you ample space to put your feet when riding unlike regular skateboards wherein you need to stand over them.

Advantages of cruiser skateboard:

Cruisers are very efficient in terms of cost. You can get them anywhere from £40-£100. It is also a good way to learn surfing without investing too much in it. They are great for beginners and perfect for kids who want to have fun outdoors during the weekends!

Disadvantages of cruiser skateboard:

Cruisers are pretty slow when compared to regular skateboards. They cannot be used in extreme weather conditions such as snow and rain. They tend to be bulky and difficult to carry around once you reach your destination.


Cruisers are perfect for those who want to commute short distances and not go too fast. If you simply want to travel from home to college then this is the perfect mode of transportation! For those looking for a faster ride, please refer to longboards or regular skateboards.

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