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Top 8 Skateboard Brands For Girl Clothing

Yes, skateboarding has been a boys’ game for the first couple of years, but in 2018, women took the privilege of skateboarding too. And now it became more popular in young girls than ever. Hence, the demand for hitting skateparks in style is increasing along with it, and that’s why some famous skateboarding clothing brands sell clothes and gears specifically, for girl skaters. It does not matter if you are beginner or pro, you can always hit the park in style, and for you, we are representing the top 8 girl skateboards clothing brand in this post.

Top 8 Skateboard Brands For Girl Clothing
Top 8 Skateboard Brands For Girl Clothing

1 – Stussy Girl Skateboards Clothing

The founder of this brand is Shawn Stussy in the 80s’, but he resigned later. Many famous brands offer quality clothing at a reasonable price, but Stussy offers iconic style clothing specially made for girls at a reasonable price. Now your everyday T-shirt pieces are available here in a more smart style, and that are suitable for summer holidays too.

2 – Vans Girl Skateboards Clothing Store

Vans is also prominent brand when it comes to girl skateboards clothing, and it is one of the most popular skate brands available worldwide. From fashion shoes to apparel, it sells everything within your budget and comfort. Its classic tees, sweatshirts, and sneakers are universally accessible. Moreover, not only for girls, this skateboards clothing brand attract boys too.

3 – Brujas

You may remember the name, Brujas. It is one of the leading brands in the list of quality skateboard clothing for girls, and it gained a lot of recognization in just a few years. Moreover, not only for girls, they are more like a gender-neutral organization. For one, they sell quality sweatpants, hoodies, and more.

4 – Volcom

Now, Volcom is around for nearly four decades to serve the customers with quality skateboards clothing and gears. The ladies section of Volcom is stronger than men’s, and they sell lots of stylish dresses for you to hit the skatepark. Moreover, they offer swimwear, surfwear, and other sportswear too. So whether you are in the water or not, you can always get some suitable clothing for your comfort.

5 – Dickies

Well, the name is not that special, but the store is. As its name suggests, the store is functional and produces some high-quality skateboards wear for the girl. Starting from T-shirts to sweatpants, all are available here and within your comfort and budget.

6 – Wasted Paris

Wasted Paris is not just a brand, but it is also a community where they sell quality and comfortable clothing, apparel, well-designed accessories for both men and women. Moreover, they also produce skate decks and other hardware.

7 – Obey

Obey is another brand name in the list that is known for producing quality materials for both girls and boys. Although women’s collection is a bit extensive in all forms, it is still the right choice for boys too.

8 – Santa Cruz Girl Skateboards

Santa Cruz is known for its fashion-forward move and versatile approach. It sells feminine yet rocking skater girls clothes for extra comfort and style.

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Top 8 Skateboard Brands For Girl Clothing

So, tell us among these girl skateboards clothing brands, which one did you like the most and found most reliable?

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