Top 6 Awesome Skateboarding Tricks You Should Learn - Tricks And Tips

Top 6 Awesome Skateboarding Tricks You Should Learn

Top 6 Awesome Skateboarding Tricks You Should Learn

Once you reach a level above beginner and you learn the balancing moves and techniques in skating, it is now time for you to learn some tricks. Moving, balancing, pushing, turning, ceasing, and positive falls are the basics of skateboarding. However, mastering tricks can make you fresh.

Well, these tricks take time to learn and some practices too, but when you learn them ultimately, you are the new cool guy in your high school. Skateboarding tricks have some difficulty levels, and if you are aiming to know some cool tricks, you can find them here. Well, these are some excellent skateboarding tips that you can perform and practice on your board as a beginner.

Top 6 Awesome Skateboarding Tricks You Should Learn
Top 6 Awesome Skateboarding Tricks You Should Learn

Tick-Tack Skateboarding

The moment you get to know and learn your skateboard in a better way, you can perform tick-tack. You need to make sure that you are comfortable with your balancing techniques and speed. This tick-tack trick will naturally get into you once you practice more and learn the techniques well. Skaters use this natural way to balance their agility while skating.

Manual Trick

After you master the tick-tack trick, it is time for you to learn the manual one. It is a move that will help you balance yourself on either way front or back set of wheels depending on your preference. Moreover, if you are willing to improve your balance on your skateboard, you can perform skateboarding. However, it will take you some time to get used to this, but don’t worry.

Kick-Flip Skateboarding

Since you are a beginner, this is the fundamental trick you need to learn first to meet your expectation about skateboarding. Here you will have to lift your board wheels to 180 degrees from your ground, and that would require you to recline the board and to raise the nose. Moreover, while you do this on the ground, it will provide you with some accurate turns quickly.

Ollie Trick

If you are a beginner, then chances are you have not learned about Ollie tricks yet, and thus, you are missing the most of your skateboard. There are some pros out there who will tell you the advantages and fun points of this trick. This is smooth and pretty straightforward that requires lifting your body with placing the skateboard on the ground. Moreover, when you go to boost your body, you need to bend your knees to do that correctly.

Heel-Flip Trick

Heel-flip and kick-flip are somewhat the same with a difference. While in kick-flip, you need to lift your board’s nose with the back of your foot and in heel-flip, you need to move to the opposite direction. Your skateboard will be on the ground, and you will jump, and when you are in the air, you will place your front foot on the nose to do a heel-flip.

Top 6 Awesome Skateboarding Tricks You Should Learn
Top 6 Awesome Skateboarding Tricks You Should Learn

Front Or Backside Powerslide

In frontside powerslide, your board will be in 90 degrees but force. And when the board slides, your body will be forward. While you are skating in downhill, it will help you control your speeds. This trick can be dangerous if you are not used to with the previous methods mentioned.

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