The Westchester Skate Park and Adrenalin- Most Popular Skate Parks in the US

westchester skate park

Westchester Skate Park is located in the village of Westchester on Long Island. Approved back in December 2021, the skate park is now a part of a large expansion project for the prestigious Westchester Recreation Center. The total projects include several renovations to the public playground and recreational areas on the property and improvements to other courts and extracurricular activities.

One of the largest projects is the addition of over forty multipurpose activities areas. This includes climbing walls with handrails and other obstacles, slides, waterfalls, mini-golf, obstacle course, and even basketball and picnic tables. This expansion will also add two soccer fields and two football pitches. Other additions include an improved picnic area, two pavilions that will house small bands and events, and even an auditorium.

An Overview

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The East Rock Park is another popular attraction on the property. With its large collection of vertigo boards and other skateboards, skaters from across the county come to this exciting skate park. Located on Raritan Avenue just east of Rte. 32, this location is a great place to watch the sun go down on a warm summer day. This section of the property is being renovated to have a more modern look while still retaining some of the original charm of the original skate park. Venice Beach is very close to the East Rock Park, which is why many people choose to take a stroll down to the sandy shores of Long Island.

The Westchester new skate park will include many more attractions besides the well-loved Venice Beach and the East Rock Park. Several new skateboard parks are slated to open in the near future including Freights Outlet Park in Suffern, and the impending opening of Adrenalin Park in Westport. Both of these skateboarding destinations will feature their own unique characteristics. Freights Outlet Park will feature covered parking and concession stands, while the former skateboarder’s haven will be home to a variety of amenities for skaters such as grills, restaurants, and many other special features.

Best Features

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Freights Outlet Park offers a great atmosphere for skaters to get away from it all with the amenities offered. Located between Suffern and Westport, the area offers scenic views of both the ocean and the mountains, which make it ideal for skateboarding enthusiasts to get in on some good old fashion outdoor skating. The park has over five thousand free boarders at any given time, which makes it one of the largest skateboarding destinations in the entire country. Its facility also includes a brand new quarter-pipes and a half pipe, which will allow experienced skateboarders to hone their skills. There are also plenty of shaded picnic areas, concession stands, and restrooms in the area for skaters to relax.

Although the opening of Adrenalin Park in Westchester will mark the grand opening of the new skate park, many skaters are excited about the new location itself. After all, as the host of the world’s first competitive skateboarding event, Freights Outlet Park will no doubt be a well-respected place for skaters to visit. Located right on the East River Street Bridge in Suffern, the new skate park promises to offer visitors a new place to skate, as well as a chance to ride some amazing rollerblades and other specialty skates.

Why To Visit

Of course, there’s no way to talk about the exciting possibilities of an Adrenalin Park without mentioning the other two locations that will be hosting similar events. As previously mentioned, Freights Outlet Park will feature a covered parking area for skaters to park their trucks and boards, while the new Venice Beach skate park will feature a half pipe and quarter-pipes along the beach itself. These new skate parks will provide something of a new challenge to skaters, who will be required to overcome some big gaps in skills and physical endurance. Many skaters who attend Venice Beach will undoubtedly enjoy the challenges offered by these new skate parks.


So, if you’re looking for a place in New York to skate, the top two locations should definitely be highlighted. Of course, if you live in nearby Westchester County, there is always Long Island City to consider. However, if you love California and want to visit one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Southern California may be the place for you. After all, skaters can go snowboarding, wakeboarding, rollerblading and just about anything else at the local resorts and parks. No matter which of these locations you choose, skaters can be sure to have the time of their lives, as they discover the thrills of extreme sports in a place that has them all year round.

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