The Unique Evolve Electric Skateboard

evolve electric skateboard

If you’re looking to evolve your skateboarding skills, the only way to get where you want to go is to learn from the pros. The same holds true for getting an electric skateboard! When looking for an electric skateboard you will need versatility, functionality and speed. Well, Evolve skateboards really work in almost any situation, from riding the pavement in a skatepark to commuting on urban terrain. You can also take your Evolve electric skateboard to just about any outdoor event such as the street downhill, ramp or half-pipes and freestyle tricks.

I got my first look at Evolve electric skateboards some time ago at an impound car sale. Impounded means the boards have been seized by the government and are being sold at ridiculously low prices. You can find many of these cars at local car auctions as well as at estate sales and flea markets. Bicycles and ATVs have a place in the free world but a real cruiser is needed for serious longboarding. If you’re going to do it, buy a quality board from a reliable company like Evolve.

How Are Evolve Electric Skates?

As mentioned above, Evolve electric skates come in both pavement and carving styles. Although the carving style is for those who really want to carve the deck like a snow plow, most people prefer the pavement style. With both styles you get the smoothness of electric skateboards without the tendency to slice into the pavement. In addition, with the adjustable trucks you get more control during different situations.

Why Evolve Electric Skates Are Highly Preferred?

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One thing that sets the Evolve electric skateboards apart from other premium electric transportation skateboards is that they feature a soft tail. The tail is a safety feature that allows you to ride more smoothly, with better control. When you’re turning, for example, the tail will help you absorb the shock. Another cool feature is the 360-degree magnetic tension system. This is very helpful when you’re riding on the street because if you don’t have the magnets pointed in the right direction, they’ll rub on your wrist, which is annoying. The magnetic tension keeps everything very well-balanced.

Another feature that sets Evolve above other brands is the deck technology. They use an aluminum carbon fiber deck which is much lighter and stronger than the traditional composite decks. They also use a new technology called “per-ceramic” technology, which increases the longevity of the deck. The idea is that the carbon fiber doesn’t rust which means that the ride is safe as well as comfortable. However, you won’t find this technology on any other brand of electric skateboards.

Key Features Of Evolve Electric Skateboards

The quality of the construction is another big difference between the Evolve Electric Skateboard and many other brands. The company uses solid, heavy-duty rubber on the deck as well as high grade performance bearings. This ensures that the rider has supreme comfort and no vibration or movement in the board. The deck is also painted with a special epoxy paint to provide superior grip. The result is that the rider is able to have increased maneuverability while using their new generation electric skateboard.

All Evolve Skateboards is built with a new generation technology called Gt series remote control. This allows the rider to easily change the speed of the skateboard by simply pushing a button on the remote control. The innovative gt series remote makes it easy to change the speed and also enables a rider to easily adjust the breaks. The advantage to these features is that it provides instant feedback and eliminates the user from having to constantly refer back to the manuals. Other unique features on the Evolve EP Skateboard are the Pro Diffusion self-correcting wheel that adjusts to the rider’s weight in order to give them the fastest possible ride and the anti-tip pads which eliminate unwanted slipping along the tailgating zones of the course.

Final Wrap-Up

Many skateboarding companies offer many variations of skateboards for all skill levels. Evolve Skateboards however are the industry first to offer high-performance, durable, and eco-friendly skateboards. It is the ultimate riding experience and all the benefits of an electric board without any of the drawbacks. The company believes in making sure that each rider has an enjoyable and satisfying experience when riding their product and believe in continuing to make improvements to the product so that future generations will benefit from it.

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