Cruiser Skateboards Brands

The Top 4 Cruiser Skateboards Brands You Need To Know About

Cruiser Skateboards is no longer about hanging out in allies and railing or pulling through roads with your friends. It is about grown-up adults who love to seek out some motivation from their daily works and want to play it cool. To find a way to enjoy your life from that computer screen and traffic, you need something that will relax you for sometimes.

It is maybe for temporary, but that fleeting feel gives you so much in life. You need to find the right cruiser skateboards, which will help you land the sidewalks and will provide you with more grip and stability. With a standard skateboard, you can do shot jumps and tricks too, but cruisers make it much more easy. 

Cruiser Skateboards Brands You Need To Know About
Cruiser Skateboards Brands You Need To Know About

When you are about to pick a skateboard, you need to understand how much experience you have with those types of boards. If you did never ride a skateboard before, then you are going to be a newbie to try that out. On the other hand, if you are looking for more speed that will be better for your knees, you need to choose your boards as per your level. Now here for your convenience, we have gathered information related to top 4 cruiser skateboards that you can rely upon.

Sunset Cruiser Skateboards Ghost

The Sunset Skateboards Ghost skateboard is not from the wooden model, but it is from polycarbonate. This is transparent to help you see better through the ground so that you can understand the terrain. However, this skateboard is not that efficient for beginner riders because it uses difficult skills to be productive. And it is also tiny for beginners. However, it has LED standard lights so even any person can wipe out the dirt in the evening.

Santa Cruz Ratboy Shark LG

Santa Cruz Ratboy Shark LG has a big body, and that is long too. It is nearly 10 by 33 inches long and super stylish. The classic design on this Santa Cruz Ratboy Shark LG Cruiser skateboards takes you to ancient times which used to appeal riders.

Moreover, if you want to add a few tricks to your skateboarding experience, you can use the shorter version of this cruiser board. The best thing about this skateboard is that it provides stable rides for beginners. However, the only downside for this board is it is of the retro style.

District Skates Bogan Cruiser Skateboards

Bogan is reliable, sturdy, and sustainable. It is made from oak and maple making it rigid and a hardwood deck. You can ride it for hours on the streets on the 7 inches width and 26 inches in height. However, what plays as a downside of this board is, it is a little stiff.

Cruiser Skateboards Brands You Need To Know About
Cruiser Skateboards Brands You Need To Know About

Arbor Fish Cruiser Skateboards

The Arbor Fish somewhat looks like a fish at the beginning. It has an excellent grip base and timeless appearance that made from Koa wood. The most significant upside of this board is that it gives you so much grip without hiding its impressive outer look. And the downside is that it comes with a narrow deck which is not suitable for massive people.

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