The Importance of Skateboarding Gear Apparel

skateboarding gear apparel

The need to wear appropriate skateboarding gear in one’s life is very important. Since skateboarding is not only a sport but also a hobby, wearing appropriate clothing when skateboarding can be as important as having the right tools and paraphernalia to complete your skateboard tricks. In the city wherein most skateboarders reside, skateboarding gear that you will need is more than what you may think. Here are some of the things that every skateboarder should have:

Skateboarding Gear Apparel: Helmet

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A helmet is the most basic skateboarding gear apparel that you should get. It serves as the face shield while you are skateboarding. Without a helmet, you would surely get hurt from whacking your head against the railings or from falling down off the skateboard. There are different types of helmets for skaters. The first is called a three-quarter shell, which protects the skull, face, and upper part of the chin and cheekbones. The second is the full shell, which has more protection for the skull.

If you do not have a helmet, you can wear a visor. It will give you the visibility that you need. However, it is advisable to keep the visor in a bag when you are not using your helmet so that it would not get lost. You can also wear earplugs if there is a noise that you want to block out.


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Another type of skateboarding gear apparel is the belt. Belts are usually made of nylon. It is wrapped around your waist with Velcro strips to hold it in place. There are also belts that you can wear with jeans. They are made of spandex or cotton, and you can put them on when you are skating or doing aerobics to save yourself from getting hurt.


Pants are one of the important pieces of clothing that you should not leave behind. Especially when you are skateboarding, you get several nasty falls while doing your tricks. They can break easily, and they also can get really hot from friction with the asphalt. You can wear elbow and knee pads for protection. Just make sure that you wear the right size so that you can prevent any problems while wearing them.

For your head, a helmet is a must-have. It will protect your skull and your brain if you get into an accident. It is also a great option if you have a snazzy haircut. You can rock a shaved head without anyone knowing if you have any fractures or bruises on your head. Of course, it would be best if you get one that is fitted for your face. This way, you would be able to see clearly.


Your skateboarding shoes are also very essential to your safety while skateboarding. You will find many different styles and brands available in the market today. The thing that you need to consider is comfort. You do not want to get a pair that is too stiff because this can be very painful when you are doing some tricks. Look for something that is lightweight, and you will also get the same level of comfort while skateboarding.

The most important part of your attire when skateboarding is your helmet. Make sure that you get one that is snug to prevent air from getting inside your head. You also need to wear elbow, knee, and wrist guards. These will protect your knees, elbows, and wrists. The wrist guard will also prevent your skateboard from slipping away from your hands.

Another item that you need to buy is a helmet that fits you well. Helmets vary in price depending on the size and brand. It is advisable to buy one from a popular brand so that you are assured of a good quality helmet. You can also get a used helmet to be able to save a little money.


If you are into tricks, you will have to wear a pair of boots. There are various types and brands available in the market today. You should buy a pair that suits your style and personality. They can either be short or long. There are also some that come with steel toes. Whatever type you choose, just make sure that it is comfortable.

Bottom Line

There are also a lot of accessories that you can buy for your skateboarding gear apparel. There are many types of wrist guards, elbow pads, helmets, and other items. If you are not sure what to buy, it is advisable to read reviews about the products that interest you so that you can make the right decision. For safety, it is important that you wear a helmet that has a strap attached to it. This will prevent the helmet from falling off when you fall. You will have a higher chance of avoiding serious injuries if you follow these rules.

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