The best roller skate shoes

roller skate shoes

Roller skates are mostly known for the wheels and bearings that make skating possible, but there are some other important parts of roller skates. The most important of these is the boot. It holds everything together, protects you from injury (if you fall), and provides comfort while skating.


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1- Seba High-Cut Boots

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Some people might argue that the best roller skate shoes are those designed for roller derby, but no one can deny that Seba boots are great. They have an excellent reputation and they live up to it. Having tried many other brands I was skeptical at first, but after trying them I realized how good they really are. They might be the best roller skate shoes out there if you consider the price/quality ratio, support, and comfort they offer as well as aesthetics.

What makes Seba High Cut Boots so good?

It’s a combination of many things: The boots are made from really good materials, they provide great ankle support, and make your feet feel snug and secure. The High Cut version has a very high top, which means that it protects your ankle from injury and you can wear them with most skate socks without having to cut the top off of them.

2- Seba Low-Cut Boots

If you don’t need ankle support, Seba Low Cut boots are the most comfortable ones I’ve ever had my feet in. Just like their high-cut version, they also have a very good price/quality ratio. They look gorgeous and come with all kinds of options to customize them with. If you’re looking for a durable, but comfortable option these are what you should look into.

3- Rink Rat Burner V2 Classic Pro Roller Skate

If you’re looking for the best roller skate shoes on a budget, then I’d go with Rink Rat skates. These are very well-made beginner skates that include all kinds of useful features that’ll help you become a better skater. They have medium-speed ABEC-5 bearings, G-Core Deluxe trucks made with aluminum alloy, an outer frame slider, and heat-treated spindles for durability. The boot comes in two color combinations: white/red or black/silver.

4- Rink Rat Poison V2 Pro Roller Skate

These skates are a great option if you’re on a budget and looking for something good, but don’t want to spend too much. They have removable grind rails, double-action truck assemblies with built-in speed rings, and an imprinted logo on the side of the boot. The bearings are high-speed ABEC-7, just like the ones used in Rink Rat’s top-of-the-line skates.

5- Seba FR1

Here is another option for high-quality roller skate shoes. They are designed specifically for the Freeskate skating discipline and include many features that make them great for this kind of skating. The boots have a low-cut design and come in various colors. They’re made out of smooth black leather and suede uppers with a mesh tongue, so they provide good air circulation and keep your feet cool even during the most intense sessions. There is also a white version available. The boots have well-cushioned insoles for maximum comfort and support, while the outer part of the boot is made of tough fiberglass material with an ABS heel counter for improved stiffness. They also have classic Seba Deluxe Freeskate wheels and bearings, built-in speed skating backslide plate, ABEC5 bearing, and G-core deluxe trucks.


Regardless of which skates you choose, these are definitely the best roller skate shoes available. They’re comfortable, affordable without compromising quality and they’ll make your skating experience much better.

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