The Best Quality Bearing Set For Your Skate Is Here! Check It If You Want To Enjoy Your Hobby!

A wheel needs two bearings to be able to roll on the axle. A skateboard bearing would have a significant effect on the skating rhythm. Regardless of the bearing you use, you should avoid exposing them to water, sand, and moisture, which considerably shortens their lives. One of the best methods of increasing the durability and speed of bearings is to clean and lubricate them frequently. Here you can see more about the maintenance of your paths.

Consider This Before You Move Ahead

  • Material: The bearing material of manufacture is one of the main factors in determining their durability. If you research the market, you will find that almost all bearings are steel made.
  • Accuracy: Bearings are categorized according to the accepted ABEC industry specification. The ABEC system determines the ability of bearings to transform the energy applied to them.   
  • Lubrication: Bearings can be lubricated with oil and grease and should never be used without lubrication. If you do, the bearing may melt slightly due to overheating, reducing speed, or total lock-up.
  • Seal: Having a seal on each side or only one side of the bearing helps prevent dirt, sand, or water from entering the bearing.
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Hybrid Ceramic Skate Bearing Set (8pcs)


As there has been a lot of attention on ceramic bearings, with several studies being performed on ceramic bearings regarding the strengths of ceramic bearings over traditional steel bearings, there is a lot to tell regarding ceramic bearings. Many professional riders have claimed that the Ceramic bearing’s make up for the shortcomings of other labels. The ceramic bearings conserve strength by permitting the front wheel to travel quicker than the rear wheel when rotating at the same rpm. That’s why a hybrid ceramic skate bearing set of eight pieces can transform your experience.

Features Of Ceramic Skate Bearing Set

  • This ceramic bearing would move smoothly, save energy, and empowering you to accelerate quickly compared to steel bearings. This is how the refining of ceramics renders them more rounded and smoother.
  • Swapping out the steel bearings to ceramic bearings can decrease the burden on your bike.
  • Its hard and resistant material does not break down too quickly, and it is corrosion and abrasion-resistant.
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Downside Of Ceramic Skate Bearing Set

The quick, gliding sensation of ceramic bearings has a lot to do with low carbon atoms, which have minimal contact between one another. With this modern technology, there are certain downsides to remember, such as that many of the bearings are not sealed adequately from outside pollutants.


Buying a ceramic bearing for your bike may be like buying a Formula One gearbox for your vehicle and wanting it to work as well after 100,000 miles. Ceramic bearings are used for a brief period. However, these skate bearings certainly would last longer than polycarbonate. So, why are you waiting?

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