The Best Inboard Electric Skateboards You Can Buy Right Now

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 We said it earlier, and we’ll say it again: Mankind is living in the golden age of fair technology. In recent years, electric motors have gotten smaller and more powerful, while batteries have become more powerful and accessible – two trends that have brought about a renaissance of personal transport equipment. There are nearly many Rideables you can’t track, and they seem to get crazier and more advanced every month. To help you navigate an increasingly crowded market, we’ve compiled this list of the best inboard electric skateboards you can buy right now. Enjoy!

Zboard 2 Blue

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 ZBoard is one of the few companies that are less interested in portable remote control – after all, most sports don’t rely on the throttle. For example, the ZBoard 2 Blue weight-sensitive device splits the wireless remote control for its patented corporate control by supporting appropriate footpads on the front and back of the board for acceleration and deceleration.

Why Zboard?

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A self-explanatory system uses a 1,000-watt motor and a 16-mile range, plus integrated headlamps and taillights that make you visible and bring the light where you need it most urgently. It’s a little heavier at 17 pounds, but thankfully the integrated handles make it easy to drive if you’re not cruising on and off the lane at 20 mph. ZBoard 2 Blue’s spacious panel gives you the feel of regular footwear, and a pair of handles make the board a breeze in between trips.


The M1 Inboard is the best electric skateboard currently available? Backpackers who want to incorporate welcome electrical support into their daily lives will enjoy it a lot.

Inboard claims every detail of M1 is based on the idea of ​​unrestricted flow. This mainly results in fluid feel and steering response, as dual-axle motors are used in the rear wheels rather than a modular transmission or belt drive. This is why you can use the M1 like a traditional skateboard without the engine running.

Other Features

Other features include the slim 14-pound shape and the replaceable battery system – a feature that allows you to jump from one 90-minute session to the next in a matter of seconds. The innate Bluetooth connectivity, the 10-mile range, and regenerative braking of the panel – a handy feature that recharges power to the battery for a longer period – only help justify the higher price. Read more here.

Acton Blink QU4TRO

Electric skateboards are available in any shape, size, and configuration, but as far as we can tell, Acton Blink QU4TRO is only the market with four hub motors. For those of you who earn points at home, this one for every bike – which is insane. With many motors, this board delivers the most torque, power, and speed of any electrical panel we’ve ever driven. It reaches 23 mph, can cover 22 miles on a single charge, and can climb hills with a gradient of up to 30 percent.

That’s All: Oh! A Drawback

  It weighs a ton. It takes a lot of battery power to power all of these motors, and high-current lithium-ion batteries are not exactly light-colored. With that said, QU4TRO raises the scales to 25 lbs – so it’s a little boring to carry around when you’re not driving. This extra weight also means that it is not as fun and maneuverable as a smaller panel. You cannot fold your nose or flip the board to make tight turns. Thankfully, Acton has included a sweet new suspension system that helps offset it.

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