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element wheels

“Element Wheels: The Original Custom Car Care Guide.” By Rich Pedroni, the owner/shop operator. ” Element Wheels has been in the business (wheel installation & wheel refinishing) for more than a decade. I started out as an apprentice plumber in the late seventies, before that I was an apprentice electrician, a chemical engineer, an aircraft analyst, an instrumentation consultant, an industrial designer, and a machinist. When I decided to take my passion for cars and turn it into a real money-making business, Element wheels was born. I have been fortunate enough to work with some very experienced and knowledgeable auto technicians, but in the years since I’ve started selling my wheels, I have relied on great customer service from our local dealer network.

“My favorite thing about Element is that they make it easy for me to do what I love, which is to install and maintain custom wheels,” says Rich Pedroni, owner/shop operator. “COVID 19 Update – We will no longer be open to walk-ins. We will be Closed to all requests except requests for walk-ins for tire packages. If you need an aftermarket wheel package, please pull up your car to the front of our facility and our team will be glad to help you install and refinish your custom wheels. From our factory wheel packages, we have many different styles and finishes to fit any vehicle. If you’re not sure what kind of wheel you’d like or what compliments your ride better, feel free to give us a call, we’re happy to work with you.

Element Wheels

Element Wheels

From the novice to the pro element wheels can be a great upgrade. If you’re in the market for upgrading from stock aluminum wheels to carbon fiber or another material we carry, contact us. Whether you need regular tires or specialty tires or if you need your vehicle to be fitted with aftermarket tire packages we have what you need. From circular tires to slotted or staggered wheels we can take what you need and get it installed quickly and easily so you can start driving.

You’ve seen them on television and in magazines, but you may not know how element wheels actually work. If you are looking to replace your existing tires or add on to what you already have we have the best companies to do the work for you. Whether you want your car to look sleek and complete with aftermarket wheels or you want to make small modifications to your current setup we can accommodate your needs.

From circular tires to slotted or staggered ones we have the right ones for your car. It doesn’t matter whether you want a set of alloy wheels to complement your vehicle’s design or you need to replace your existing tires we have what you need. If you need to make small changes to your current setup we can do that also. We can fit all different sized diameter tires to your wheels and your car will look like it came from the factory. Whether you need a set of alloy wheels that complement and upgrade your current vehicle’s design or you need to replace your current tires we have everything you need.

A Much Ado 

Element Wheels

Many people have seen the popular ad for Element Wheels and are wondering how they work. The way an Ion Wheelworks is actually very simple, we can customize almost any vehicle with any type of tire you’d like to place upon it. For instance, if you had a set of wheels that were just the standard diameter your car would look good. But, when you customize your wheels by adding BBB business profiles to them, you can use your favorite logo or design that you want and instantly transform your car into a new one. When we design and create a set of alloy wheels for you, we take into consideration the size and width of your existing tires. Once we have the dimension of your tires, we can then match the profile that will give you the best fit and look.

As soon as the B BB profile is selected the company designers and create a design for the wheel that we can then create. From there we will cut out a sample of the design to use as we construct your car. Once the B BB profile is complete, we will then create a mold of your new wheel and have it sent to a warehouse where we’ll make a cast of it to ensure its quality before it’s shipped out to you. Once you receive your custom-designed wheel you’ll never go back to the stock style again.

Final Words 

We carry a full line of aftermarket tires for all types of vehicles. There is an extensive catalog of wheels that can be used for any type of make and model of car. If you’re in need of a new set of wheels and don’t know where to turn we can help. There are online stores that sell Element wheels and tires along with accessories including clutches, neon lights, hubcaps, and more. If you need a spare tire we can get one that fits your car exactly.

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