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Vintage Skateboards That You Need To Check Out

Some Most Valuable Vintage Skateboards You Should Check Out

When for the first time skateboarding appeared and people started to talk about and go with it. Skateboarders used the handles of their scooters back in the year 1940. Now people don’t use the handles of their bikes anymore. As the years started to go by, manufacturers discovered different ideas and techniques to produce something unique.

Then people began to use those skateboards to improve their skills and speeds to display them in front of the world. Such skateboards are vintage skateboards; they are different in styles and technology. However, in modern days, manufacturers can also use various techniques and designs to showcase the old style in a new way. Today, this post will tell you about some vintage skateboards; their methods and performance. So, read on.

Some Most Valuable Vintage Skateboards You Should Check Out
Vintage Skateboards That You Need To Check Out

1983 Santa Cruz Duane Peters

Most of the boards I am going to talk about here are signature models; which means they are created for a particular rider. First, the riders built their own boards. And then the manufacturers sold the same model to the public.

The thing is that they were of limited edition and the manufacturers managed to bring out some new designs regularly. When people realized that they needed something that will make them cool in the skate park, they decided to get this model. And now it is available for $1,495 on eBay which you can say hot and cold at the same time.

1991 World Industries Randy Colvin

This world industry vintage skateboard is a special edition for Randy Colvin. You can get many customized features in this skateboard, and it is tasteful for all the riders out there too. However, if you are innocent, you may not like the design of a half-naked woman on the deck. Otherwise, it is all fine and worth going for. This vintage model raised $1,411 on eBay in January of 2017.

1989 Schmitt Stix Steve Douglas Skateboards Vintage Style

There is one great advantage about trying out vintage skateboards and limited celebrity edition; you can show your love for that person. This 1989 Schmitt Stix Steve Douglas is of shape and size regarding Steve’s preference, and many other people use this too. You can go to your online eBay store and spend $2,500 on it, and you will get it in your hands.

1989 World Industries Mike Vallely Vintage Skateboards

Another one in our list of best vintage skateboards is 1989 World Industries, Mike Vallely. Mike is known for his impressive skateboarding tricks performance in the field. And this skateboard is his signature style that comes with a double-deck, and that refers to both round ends. Over the years, this signature style became a dominant deck style that provides flexibility and controls superbly. And surprisingly, it is available for $6,000 due to its dedicated and unique art.

Some Most Valuable Vintage Skateboards You Should Check Out
Some Most Valuable Vintage Skateboards You Should Check Out

Since you have learned about so many vintage skateboards from our list, I want you to share your thoughts with us too. Also, don’t forget to give us suggestions if you have any.

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