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Skate Warehouse’s purpose is to provide you with a perfect skateboard of the best quality, right out of the box. The wood used by the manufactures to produce the skateboard is taken from various sources and will turn differently after varnish. Unfortunately, the final color result cannot be predicted, nor calculated so skate companies are unable to clarify what color selection they will receive. Since the colors are unpredictable after varnish, they are only able to image one sample deck from stock, and that sample is used as an image for the site. And it is being said that while purchasing online the color shown is not the same at the time of receiving. And for this reason, a description is now given for each product.

Skate Warehouse – Risers

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Risers are always sold in pairs, but they are optional. Skate Warehouse includes risers into the cost of your complete, their function is to give you more clearance between the bottom of the board and the surface of the wheel. This again helps to prevent injuries.

Skate Warehouse – Factors To Consider

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Well, there are many options one can go through. But the Size must be taken into consideration when making your selection. Before you make that decision, determine what type of riding you do, or plan on doing and also have taken into consideration your own size. It can happen that you select the skate for technical tricks without taken consideration to yourself the skate purchase may be smaller. This is important. If you skate streets or do more technical tricks, you’re going to want to look for a different board, and if skate pools and parks with heavy transitions, then you may want to consider looking for a different board. The deck will be rigid to do flip tricks on which cause less injury. Many manufactures have a specific mold or press for their deck shapes. The shape of the skate depends on personal preference and experience. The graphics also may be an influence on the deck decision. 

Skate Warehouse – Wheels

Skate Warehouse sells wheels in a set of four. The selection of size is the most important while choosing risers as Smaller wheels are generally for more technical and street skating, whereas larger wheels, will ride better when skating in parks or terrain with heavier transitions. Larger wheels are generally a bit softer while the smaller wheels are harder in comparison to large wheels. The fact of this is that it protects the bearing from crushing or losing its shield. Cored wheels can also be lighter, depending on the core construction.


Bearings are sold in sets of 8, were 2 for each wheel. Bearings actually allow you to have some movement. Obviously, all the parts are necessary and work in their own place but without bearings, you won’t roll. Two Bearings sit inside each wheel, and then each wheel is placed on the truck axle then tightening the axle nuts and you’re ready to go all around.  Skate Warehouse has a large selection of sizes and brands, it only depends on you what you prefer.

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