List Of Best Gear For Skateboarding In 2020


Goggles, shorts or loose cargoes, fancy helmet and headphones, all symbolize a skateboarder. Riding a skateboard brings in a feeling of freedom and happiness. But along with the fun and freedom, you have to be extra cautious about your safety too. Here is a list of the best gear for skateboarding in 2020.

skateboarding gear
skateboarding gear

Skateboarding Safety Tips

Wear Goggles

These not only look fashionable but also protect your eyes from the dust, wind, and other debris in the air. It is essential to wear goggles while riding a skateboard if you want undisturbed vision.

Wear A Helmet

A helmet is one of the most important accessories while riding a skateboard. In fact, the government can fine you if you are found riding a skateboard without wearing protective headgear. A helmet is made of a hard shell that protects your head in case of an accident.

Wear Protective Clothing

Along with a helmet to cover your head, you also need to wear protective clothing such as a pair of jeans and leather jackets. These protect you against scrapes and scratches in case of a fall. They also provide warmth in cool weather conditions.


Gloves protect your hands and fingers from high friction of wind. Although you can keep your hands in your pockets for warmth, this gear prevents your hands from a tear in case of a fall. Moreover, they also protect your hands in case of an accident.

skateboarding essentials
Skateboarding Essentials

Safety Goggles

Safety goggles are a must while riding a skateboard. These protect your eyes from insects, dust, wind, and dirt in the air. These also prevent you from squinting in case of harsh sunlight, heavy winds, or cold weather. With proper goggles, you can get undisturbed vision. Apart from goggles, you also get glasses and visors for safety eyewear.


These provide maximum coverage for your eyes and also protect them completely. But if you wear a helmet with a ¾ visor, then also your eyes will be covered. These help to deviate the glare and also protect the eyes from the sun.

Glasses and Goggles

Some skateboarders prefer to wear glasses or goggles. Both these protect the eyes from harmful radiation from the sun. Sunglasses are excellent for riding in harsh sunlight and in low-speed rides. But for high-speed rides, it is better to wear goggles for proper eye safety.

Knee-Pads, Wrist-Pads, and Elbow-Pads

You can buy an entire set of pads to cover your knees, wrists, and elbows. These areas have the most important joints in the body are these are prone to maximum tear and wear while skateboarding. You need to keep your knees, wrists, and elbows protected with pads in case of a fall. These pads will prevent your body parts from getting bruised or scratched.

Board Blazers

It is also a good decision to get board blazers or lights under your skateboards if you skateboard in the dark. This will automatically illuminate the surface ahead of you and so you can see what is ahead of you and this way, you can enjoy skateboarding even in the dark without can any serious pitfalls.

The best safety gear for skateboarding is an overall-set consisting of knee-pads, elbow pads, helmet, and wrist pads. There are many brands available on the market, and you can buy as per your preference and budget. But the most important ones are the knee pads as this area is most prone to bruises and cuts while enjoying this sport.

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