Skateboarding – Pros And Cons Of Grinded Boards

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What do you know about grinding gears? Are you aware that skateboarders are not the only ones who use this gear for transportation but also those people who participate in extreme sports and other sports as well? The gears of a skateboard just like the gears of any other ordinary skateboard have the same function, to give you the best possible speed while riding your skateboard. Skateboard grinders have been around since the early 20th century but they were more commonly used in the United States before.

Skate Grinders

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What is the difference between a skateboard grinding gear and what you might see on a normal skateboard? Skate grinders are basically gears used in conjunction with a skateboard. These gears enable the rider to apply torque or force to the wheels of the skateboard to help make it move at a higher rate of speed. This is normally done with the help of a series of gears; although there are some skate grinders that are being sold without the use of any kind of gear.

There are several types of grinding gears but the most common type is a chain grip. This is because it is the easiest and most convenient type to wear. A typical skate deck will be completely littered with these chains. They are also commonly attached to the wheels of the skateboard by friction. For example, when you are doing tricks on a skateboard with no chains, you can feel a lot more natural since the wheels don’t have to do any work to maintain their balance. When you do have the chains, however, you will still notice that the deck feels firm and does not move as easily.

Reason Why Many Skateboarders Switch To Using A Grinding Gear 

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This is also the same reason why many skateboarders switch to using a grinding gear for their skateboards. You don’t have to deal with friction that can be quite annoying. Another advantage of grinding gears is that they make riding your skateboard a smoother experience. This means that you won’t experience sudden changes in the resistance level of your deck. This also makes riding your skateboard more fun because everything stays the same.

Biggest Problem With Grinding Gears

However, the biggest problem with grinding gears is their efficiency on flat and low-winged decks. The grinding gears have small teeth so they will not fit very well on straight boards. Also, the teeth can get stuck in the middle of the grind. You can tell if the grinding gear is stuck because you will hear a whining sound. This can easily distract you while you are concentrating on other aspects of your skateboarding.

Summing Up

There are some pros and cons to both grinding gears and grinding plates. If you are a skateboarding beginner, you probably do not need to worry about the disadvantages of grinding gears. However, if you are a serious skater, you might reconsider using them. As a rule of thumb, it just does not pay to risk your skateboard!

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