Skateboard Protective Gear: Safety For Life On Street

Skateboard Protective Gear: Safety For Life On Street

Protecting yourself from serious injury when skating, boarding or riding a bicycle is easy if you have the right gear. There are several features that all skateboard gears have in common. These features will help you avoid injury. While some of these features are optional, most of them are vital for safe skateboarding. When looking for protective gear, take into account what you use to get around town and what kind of terrain your area has. The more protection you need, the more expensive your gear will be. Several brands make skateboard protective gear for a variety of purposes. You can purchase protective gear for your board, hand and feet as well as helmets.

Skateboard Protective Gear: Safety For Life On Street
Skateboard Protective Gear: Safety For Life On Street

Gloves Offer Protection To Your Hands And Wrists: Skateboard Protective Gear

Skateboard gloves offer protection for your hands and wrists as well as protecting you from scratches and cuts. Skateboard helmets help protect your head as well as your eyes and your ears. Even though protective gear can cost more than regular skateboarding clothing, it is worth the money because you are getting the proper protection for your safety.

Skateboard Footwear Is Essential: Skateboard Protective Gear

Skateboard footwear is essential for maximum comfort. You don’t want to be wearing a board sock or pantyhose that are too tight or too long. Choose shoes that fit you properly and feel comfortable when you wear them.

Shoes And Board Socks: Skateboard Protective Gear

Skateboard Protective Gear: Safety For Life On Street
Skateboard Protective Gear: Safety For Life On Street

Two of the essential pieces of skateboard gear are shoes and board socks. In addition to your shoes, you should also wear socks. There are a variety of options for socks, but you want to make sure that they fit you properly. Most board socks are made of breathable fabric, but some are made of soft material that you can remove without the help of a professional. Regardless of the type of socks you choose, make sure that they stay in place all day long.

Skateboard Pants Are Also Necessary: Skateboard Protective Gear

Skateboard pants and shoes are also necessary pieces of protective gear. You should be able to wear your skateboard pants anywhere that you would wear shorts. Your skateboard shoes should also be comfortable. If you aren’t used to wearing shoes with your skateboard, don’t worry. The proper shoe and board socks will help you with your new sport.

For extra protection, buy skateboard gloves. Gloves offer additional protection because they fit snugly over your hands. They offer added comfort by covering your wrists and are comfortable even when worn on long trips.

You Can Also Consider Buying Board Boots

When you get your board boots, you should consider how they fit. You don’t want them to be too loose or too tight. Get board boots that fit snugly and still allow you to grip the deck.

Board Shoes With Decent Grip

Your board shoes should also have a decent grip. You don’t want the shoes to be hard to grip, but neither do you want them to be too soft. Make sure that the board shoes don’t slip off your foot when you are accelerating or slowing down. If you can grip the board with the right kind of board shoes, your ride will be safer.

Wear Your Gear All The Time

Wear your protective gear all the time. This includes your helmet, gloves, shorts, socks and board shoes. Never forget the board shorts. When you are on the board with your clothes on, you aren’t able to see the board, which means that you can’t do anything but move your hips and legs.

Protective Gear Can Help You Avoid Injuries

Although proper protective gear can help you avoid injuries, it won’t keep you safe if you are careless. The most important part of skateboarding is the balance, and when you have a broken leg or ankle, you aren’t going to be able to skate. Take the time to learn to skate properly. Know the right moves to make and practice them constantly so that you can trust them.


Skateboard equipment doesn’t have to be expensive. Most skateboard gear is designed to protect you and still allow you to enjoy your sport. Get some new board shorts and board socks today.

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