Skateboard Decks And Board Buying Guide - For Beginners

Skateboard Decks And Board Buying Guide

Skateboard Decks And Board Buying Guide For Beginners

If you are looking for a quality skateboard or skateboard deck as a beginner, you should read this post. While searching for quality gear, you need to consider a few facts like bearing, hardware, wheels, trucks, and decks. As a beginner, first, do some research starting from the different kinds available and then based on your interest.

However, you may feel dumb at the various new terms and finding their meanings, as a beginner. But don’t worry, without having to break your bank and leg, you can ride a skateboard safely. Check out this comprehensive guide with skateboard buying options and explanation, for beginners like you.

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Skateboard Decks And Board Buying Guide

SKateBoard DeCks Buying Options

Firstly, you need to decide on how you want to buy the skateboard. Here is what elder skateboarders would do or would have done.

Buying Separate Parts And Assembling

There are few elder skaters out there who buy each part of their skateboard separately. In some cases, they end up buying separate components from different brands. They buy wheels from a brand, decks from another brand, and so on. It helps them customize their skateboard in a unique manner.

And, there is also another benefit in this process. You can replace any particular part with any other brand if you find the earlier useless and may want to try with the latest.

However, if you are looking for a board for the first time or to gift someone, then we recommend buying a complete board.

Branded Or Completely Assembled

A completely assembled board will contain all the parts required, and it will be a ready-to-ride kind of board. The main benefit of buying an assembled is you need not have to research for all the parts. This offers you a lot of time. Moreover, branded gear offers more safety. This is the approach you should use for buying a skateboard.    

Things To Consider Before Buying Complete Skateboard Decks

It is about street skateboarders and of course, for beginners and you should consider the price information too. For almost all the people, price is the main criteria. However, there are some other people, who prefer quality as the main criteria than the price. But that is always not the case. You can buy a quality item at a considerable low price. And, such items are available in the market.

Secondly, after the price and quality, you need to consider the difference between a blank deck and pro decks. Blanck decks do not contain any graphics on them. Hence, they are available at a reasonably low price. They usually come with a solid color and are made with wood. Some people think that blank decks are of poor quality. However, you can find some brands that sell high-quality decks.

Skateboard Decks And Board Buying Guide For Beginners
Skateboard Decks And Board Buying Guide

On the other hand, pro decks come with beautiful graphics, and you can commonly find them around the town and cost three more times extra than a blank deck. However, they mostly come with high-quality no matter what brand you purchase. So, these pro skateboard decks are perfect for beginners, and they don’t feel like a beginner anymore, they become a pro.

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