Skate 3 in the Skates series

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Skate 3 is the third installment in EA’s Skate video game franchise. It is developed by Black Box and was published by Electronic Arts on May 11, 2010, in North America for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. A sequel to the original Skate game, Skate 3 features similar gameplay mechanics but boasts larger terrain sizes than its predecessor. Like previous installments of the series, players complete skateboarding tricks using various buttons on a controller to gain points while racing against others online. The game also features an open world that allows players to freely roam without boundaries or rules.

Skate 3 is an amazing game that has recently come out. You can buy it at all major retailers or online stores like eBay or Amazon. You can also download it digitally using Xbox Live or the Playstation Network. There are many different prices for this game, but I would recommend getting it now because you get more for your money (accessory pack, original case). The cost ranges from $30-60 for the game itself (used) and $40-80 for a brand new copy of the game. Skate 3 is developed by EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts, who both did an awesome job on this game!

Advantages of Skate 3

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This game is really fun to play with your friends via split-screen co-op or online play. This game is like Tony Hawk on the consoles, which as you know (if you’ve played Tony Hawk) can be really fun. Also, this game has a lot of cool tricks and new features such as the Hall of Meat and Skate Lab. There are also lots of customization options with your skater and boards/shoes that change depending on what team or brand sponsors you. There are many different levels and modes that offer hours and hours of fun gameplay!

Disadvantages of Skate 3

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It does take some time to learn all the controls, but after 2-4 hours you should know them all pretty well. Another disadvantage is that it takes some time to master certain tricks such as Naples or Noseslides. A new player might struggle with this, but after watching a few videos on YouTube you can learn all of these tricks in no time!

The Verdict on Skate 3

I think that this game is an amazing game, and it would be a great gift for anyone who likes action sports games or skateboarding. If you already have the game then go ahead and invite your friends over to play some skate and trash talk each other (just like we did when we played)! If you don’t own the game yet then make sure you do because it’s hella fun and addicting! I rate this game 8 stars out of 10 stars due to its unique gameplay, amazing graphics/scenery, and hours upon hours of fun! Thanks for reading my article everyone, I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to more!

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