San Jose Skate Park Will Gets 10,000 Grant Money

san jose skate park

The venue has many different hills and rails for people of all skill levels to utilize. Even if you don’t skateboard, you can still have a great time at the park. It’s not just a place for skaters, it’s a place for people to hang out with each other.

You can tell that the San Jose skate park is well designed because of the attention to detail. From the signage to the amenities, everything is designed to keep skaters comfortable, entertained, and safe. The design team took the time to work with the kids at the skate park so they would like it.

When you first walk into the skate park, you will notice two large banners. One states “Welcome to Santa Cruz Grand Opening”, and the other says “Welcome to San Jose’s newest skate park”. You will also notice a map of the skate park on the wall. There is also a trash can near the map. Both of these are meant to help direct skaters to the right direction.

Helping The Community

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Once inside the skate park, you will be greeted by two police officers. They will escort you to the starting line, which is the cement area where you will be waiting to start. You don’t have to pay any fee when you go in, but the first two people in line will be asked to pay a dollar. If no one else shows up, the police officers will start counting down from 10,000 before they let anyone in. The entire city of Santa Cruze is very proud of this program, which allows skaters to get a thrill while helping the community.

The first two people in line will then be allowed to enter the skate park for free. After this, anyone who wants to enter may go ahead and pay the fee. This is actually good news for the skateboarders because it means that there is money in the pot that is going to go back into the San Jose skate park. These funds were provided by the California State Parks foundation and the local tourism commission.

Business At The SkatePark

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After paying the first two dollars, anyone that doesn’t bring their skateboard will be asked to wait until next week. Those who do bring their boards will be allowed to stay open as long as no one comes within ten feet of them. If there is someone in line, they are asked to move aside and continue moving forward without disturbing the rest of the skaters. As long as the area remains open for traffic, the local businesses will not complain about not being able to stay open. That means that there will still be plenty of business at the skate park when it’s opened next week.

The very same week that the city officials announced this amazing deal, they got an unbelievable amount of support. Hundreds of skateboarders showed up to the skateboarding park ready to go. Many were even looking into getting sponsored by this amazing program. Even the local businesses were happy to see a portion of their money going towards a wonderful program such as this.


San Jose was not the only city to announce a great deal of support for a local skateboard park. Even three cities right in the middle of California saw announcements where they were getting free skateboarding. Two of these announcements were made for the same location. The locations were the highly acclaimed Beach Park in Half Moon Beach and the downtown’s own Powerball Park. These two locations will remain as two of the most popular in the entire state.

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