Roller Skate Accessories – Add Your Personal Touches

Roller skates are the most popular brand when it comes to skating. Many people skate for fun and fitness and then turn into enthusiasts of the sport. To fully appreciate roller skates it’s important to know what to look for in the various accessories. If you already own a roller skate you will most likely know what you need. But, if you’re new to skates and are just starting there are some accessories that may be handy to have.

Gloves For Roller Skate 

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Most skaters like to have gloves when they are roller skating, but not all of them. The truth is if you want to have the full experience, you should always have a pair of roller black gloves on, just for safety. Not only that, but most gloves will also come in some awesome designs. Don’t let your skater flair go to waste by not investing in the right pair of gloves. Just like with all skating equipment it’s important to use the proper gloves. You want to be sure to get a meikle fit that’s snug, not too loose, and not too tight. Vintage and retro-inspired roller skating gloves are perfect for this purpose.

Shoes for Roller Skates 

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Just like with roller skating boots, there are a lot of shoes to choose from. There are casual skate shoes, sports shoes, work shoes, and more. Finding the right pair for you is a matter of what you are comfortable in and what you can afford. Again, finding a good deal on roller skating shoes is very easy to do.

Belts for Skating

For the more daring skaters out there, you can purchase belts that will help to keep you from taking a spill. These can come in several styles and colors, which can add to the look of your roller skates. These are accessories that many people don’t think about, but are very important. Belts will either help or hinder your ability to roller skates. A good quality belt will give you more control and prevent you from going to the ground at top speed. As with the lanyard above, you can find them in tons of awesome colors and designs so make sure you shop around. It’s all part of getting the right accessories for your roller skates. These are pretty self-explanatory. They help keep you safe and secure while roller skating. It’s a good idea to have a couple of them for emergencies. I have found that the leather belts are the best for this purpose. If you’re planning on using a belt you might as well go ahead and get one of those.

Using Lotion Apparel 

If you are planning on roller skating in the wintertime, you know that being wet is not fun. If you want to stay protected from nasty falls and bruises then get some good lube and skincare products for your skates. There are some great products out there that are designed specifically for skateboarding. Just make sure that you buy the right products for the type of skating you will be doing.

Must Keep Lights 

Some people think that these are necessities, but they are accessories. For instance, I nearly forgot to mention the Lizzy Sherman light. Everyone who roller skates knows the crazy look that this guy has and I can understand why people would want to add this to their collection. The Lizzy Sherman light comes in different colors so finding the perfect one for you should be easy.

Keep Stickers

Yes, you have to have stickers when you are roller skating, right? Well, the same goes for your roller skates. There are tons of cool stickers out there and you should be able to find a lot of them by just doing a quick online search. Try to find some that are witty and unique. You can even get them in the design that you want, which would be cool.

Helmets and Eyewear

Some skaters just aren’t willing to take the risk of wearing eye and mouth protection when roller skating. However, most skaters realize that it’s a necessity. If you can’t afford a helmet, look into purchasing some eye protection as well. Most skaters don’t need to have glasses, but it never hurts to have them in the car or at home. Just make sure that you’re covered for the falls that are guaranteed to happen.

Wristwatch Strap

Another popular accessory is a wristwatch strap. This is great for skaters who spend a lot of time on their boards in a rush. The reason is that a wristwatch can be used to tell time on one hand while keeping your other hand free for tricks. 

Final Words

However, roller skates accessories can be fun and useful for both men and women, and everyone should have a few on hand. Even if you’re not a professional skater, you can still incorporate a few of these tips into your skating to give yourself a better experience.

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