Riding An Electric Skateboard

Riding A Electric Skateboard Tips For Beginners

Have you ever tried an electric skateboard before? This is the best place to learn how to ride an Electric Skateboard. If you are willing to be an electric skateboarder, you need a lot of knowledge and guide for that.

First, you need to be sure that you can find a stable skateboard and you are familiar with its controls. Second, you need to make sure that you can take some time for practicing to learn the fundamentals and execute them into your game.

Also, there are some techniques you can consider along with the traffic rules. So, here in this beginners guide, we have shared some simple and advanced tips that will help you out win in the ride.

Riding A Electric Skateboard Tips For Beginners
Riding A Electric Skateboard Tips For Beginners

Find Your Front And Back Foot

When you are starting electric skateboarding, the very first thing necessary to find is, which foot is your best front foot. There are two terms, ‘regular’ and ‘goofy.’ Goofy means you want to ride with your right foot forward and your left foot will be in the back.

And, in the regular stance, your left foot will be ahead when you are riding, and at the same time, your right foot will be towards the back. And these are the main two ways of riding an electric skateboard safely.

Right Stance On An Electric Skateboard

Firstly, and on priority, you need to assure that you have the right attitude on your E-Board. And that also includes positioning your feet little more or less width apart from each other. And if you want to take any turn, you need to bend them a little bit.

Open Your Throttle Of An Electric Skateboard

Electric boards, nowadays, are not like traditional skateboards, and they use wireless handheld remote controls. All controls are always available on the remote for you to access instantly. So you need to figure out which button works on which purposes and you can practice freely. Moreover, some boards have a superpower and high speed. So, in such cases, you need to first understand them well before going on the road. The best solution for this is to practice more so that you can enjoy later.


Braking on an e-board is more complicated than what it seems. You need to prepare for your weight when you move forward, and sometimes you need to bend your feet and squat little to understand the movements. Moreover, you need to be sure that your foot is stable and is ready for taking the brake.


To know everything about your board, you need to practice more and more every day. You need to learn how to use your brake to perform safely on the road. My recommendation is to use the full brakes so that it can help you later and you would get used to it.

Making Safe Turns

You won’t have much fun if you don’t do the proper turns. And since electric skateboards are a lot more different than the normal ones, you need to check out their width, length, and weight to make sure they are easy to maneuver and maintain stability.

Riding A Electric Skateboard Tips For Beginners
Riding A Electric Skateboard Tips For Beginners

These few tips will hopefully help you get used to with your new e-skateboard. And if you need more helpful tips, comment below.

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