Protect Yourself At All Times When Practising Dangerous Sports Using Thins Game Changer Helmet!

Skateboarding is quite a popular sport, and any sports are best enjoyed if played with safety measures. The accessories for the game are as important as the rules. Helmets, hand gloves, elbow pads are essential to take care of yourself as an aware player. Wise players keep all the accessories ready before going to play sports. 

Skateboarding practitioners or beginners have the possibility of getting hurt. They need wearing a helmet for protection that is comfortable and convenient for use. 

When the player is ready with all the accessories, they can concentrate and focus on their game performance. Ultimately the focus and attention switches to the game performance, best efforts, and tactics to win. 

Protection of the head allows an individual to continue playing for a longer time. You can give the best performance in the field with the presence of few normal accessories. 

Multi-Sports Safety Helmet

The best thing about a multi-sports safety helmet is that you can use the helmet for various sport activities. It is not specifically for single-use and helps the player be on the safer side of any accidental injuries. 

You will find the hard and robust plastic shell on the helmet with a perfect round headed shape. Various sizes of helmets are available, and you can choose the best fitting size for yourself. It is easy to place the helmet onto your head and adjust it accordingly. 

People usually do adventures of skating, cycling, or mountaineering on the hill station side. 

It consists of many visitors and a little bit dangerous place. All this generates the need for a perfect fit helmet for the sport lovers. 


·         Material – Other

·         Age group/Gender – Adults/Men

·         Air vents – 8

·         Weight (g) – Approx 300g / 10.6oz

·         Certification – CE certificate

·         Type – Integrally molded helmet

·         Model number – Cycling helmet

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·         The adjustable feature of the helmet with the dial system is quite convenient for the users. 

·         Sufficient vents will keep the players’ heads dry, and they can use them in almost any season. 

·         The shock-absorbing foam will protect the head from any possible injury in the head part. 

·         Moisture protection liner is convenient for skateboarding practitioners. 

·         Available sizes:

Small – 51-55cm /20.1-21.7m

Medium – 55-59cm / 21.7-23.5m

Large – 59-62cm / 23.2-24.4m

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·         The helmet does not have a lower coverage, so there are chances to hurt the nearby chin area. 

·         It also does not have any protective shield in front of the face, covering only the head part. 


To conclude, the helmet is the preferable helmet and has all the essential features. You can use it freestyle and do not consume any time wearing it. The helmet protects you from major accidents while playing or doing any sport activities.

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