Practical And Beautiful Design That You Can Put Inside All Your Personal Belongings While Riding!

It is sometimes hard to carry all the goods with you while riding on your scooter because there is no space to keep them. And, carrying them in hand is so unmanageable, especially on rainy days. Things get wet, and gadgets like phones, earphones can get damaged due to water.

Well, that’s why these scooter bags are made, to protect all the essentials safely and you can enjoy your riding. These are specially designed to keep all the things like phones, chargers, earplugs, goggles, and many others. These kinds of bags are super spacious, and you can put almost all of your goods inside them. And, also they are waterproof so, no fear of damaging your goods. 

Universal Scooter Head Bag

Keep your things secure while riding with this universal scooter head bag. It is built with rainproof fabric, which reduces rainwater penetration. It is designed in a reflective way which makes it suitable for night purposes also. 

This scooter head bag has a huge space inside it, making it perfect for storing all the things like phones, goggles, and many others that you need to carry with you while on a ride. It comes with a trimmable adhesive which is suitable for several kinds of models, and it contains built-in compartments and a perfect look that makes it super cool to carry along a ride. 

Most importantly, it has a hard shell and anti-pressure design that benefits the protection of all the things inside and proves it is a great option to buy. This bag can also be used for long-term use. So, let’s see its other features.


  • Voltage: 48V
  • Is_customized: Yes
  • Model Number: Scooter Head Handle Bag
  • Type: Skateboard Tool Phone Storage Bag
  • Product: Electric Scooter Hangs Bag
  • Carrier Hanging Bag: Front Charger Bag
  • Feature: Waterproof Scooter Head Handle Bag
  • Material: Made with rainfall fabric that reduces the infiltration of rainwater, not completely waterproof
  •  Reflective Design: Improve night safety.
  •  Built-in Barrier: Easy to classify.


  • It is anti-pressure and strong enough to keep your belonging protected
  • A case that is long-lasting and waterproof.
  • Beautiful design and space capacity. 
  • Easy to carry all the required things.
  • Inbuilt pockets so that nothing can get mixed up.
  • Made up of high-quality material. 
  • It can be installed by hand; no tools are required.
A hand holding a bag


  • Straps can be small.
  • Water-resistance quality may not be good enough.


This product is especially beneficial for students and who like to travel on scooters. It has lots of pockets and space inside it. You can keep a maximum number of goods in it. 

Not to forget, it is waterproof and durable. Hence, all the things will be safe. You can install it by yourself on your scooter. There is no requirement for any equipment. Before buying this, make sure to check the size of the strap properly.

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