Powerful, Shockproof and Virtually Indestructible! Designed Easily Attach Above or Below the Helmet

Going on a trek in the mountains is the best way to get a glimpse of views. There are amazing shots of nature that can be taken through the camera. But while biking it is important that safety gear is always kept. The helmet makes the most important part of this. But this is also a good way to get the camera stick. The helmet gives a kind of elevation to the biker making some amazing views in the frame. This is also very good to keep the camera stable and steady. Biking with a helmet on can sometimes be very challenging if it’s too hot. But they are able to remove any chances of head injuries. People who shoot vlogs about nature or go off-road should make the best use of the helmet and mount it with something. It would hold the camera for them and the things in the final version would be more clear. It is also the hands-free experience that makes the mounts so popular.

If a person is holding a camera and trying to ride the bike over the mountains, chances are they might slip or get themselves injured. The helmet can come in very handy in such situations. The placement of the camera is very important if someone wants to shoot high-quality content. The camera should especially be strong in the off-roading sites. It’s always advised to carry a battery along. While riding the bike and shooting it is always a good thing to have the wires managed. A clutter is saved if the camera is attached above in the helmet.

Curved Mounting Bracket For Helmet Camera

When a person places a camera he should keep in mind the view that would get captured in the process. A wide angle lens is very important for the bikers in the mountains. The area is not that stable and it gets bumpy. Mounted camera and brackets make sure that the view and the film are shot in the best quality. There are weather conditions that have a great deal of effect while the shooting is recorded. If the objective is just to capture the trail of the road the amount of the camera bracket might be placed downwards. This becomes an important thing to have a clear objective and purpose while there are many things to do along.

Even the mic can be mounted to the camera, it would make the video even more effective. The sounds of birds and animals chirping could be recorded along the way. Mounts can be detached from one surface to another. They are first in such a way that it doesn’t cause any damage to the helmet. They seem to be a bit overstretched but if the person starts working with them it makes their lives really easy.

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  • Material: PC, Metal
  • Size: 15 x 10 cm
  • Package includes:
  • (2) Long screw
  • (1) Short screw 
  • (1) Activity base
  • (1) Curved base with 3m glue
  • (1) Long and short links
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  • They are very easily attached to any surface
  • Batteries can be added to them
  • Remove the clutter
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  • Can make the helmet feel heavy
  • Might slip off and damage the lens of a camera


It is a very good and smart thing to have mounts in the right place. There can be new things that can be customized and attached to mounts.

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