Metal Gear Solid Skateboarding Game Review

metal gear solid skateboarding

The newest Solid Snake game is a ground breaking game that takes place in outer space. Here you have to save Earth from the invasion of the creatures called the aliens and also from the bosses which shoot from above the ground.

This Game Is Set In Outer Space

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This game is set in outer space, on the flat land of mars. On the game board there are many gears which give you different options while playing the game. The colors are green and red and are really like the ones used on the actual equipment. The special feature of this game board is that they can be connected to the computer, so that you can connect two or more boards together to make them interactive. So, now you can surf the internet, go online or even play with some friends.

The main character in this game is called Solid Snake and he is also the star of the movie “The Terminator” as well. Along with the different characters there are also different tracks which provide you the thrill while playing this interesting game. There are two types of stages in this game. The first one is the Normal stage which offers you the basics of skateboarding. The other one is the advanced stage where you can do various tricks. You also have two power ups in this game, which help you in controlling the direction of your skateboard.

Heat Seekers

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One of these power ups is the Reflective shield which helps in protecting you from the reflected objects such as the lights. The other is the Heat seekers which help in controlling the height of your jumps. The three extra lives, which are given to you when you perform a perfect trick also act as an incentive for you to perform better. Each level has its particular theme and also a number of graphics that make the level more exciting.

You will love the retro graphics as well, which are based on the 1980’s era of skateboarding. The metal gears has two modes and these are the Story mode and the Endless mode. In the Story mode you have to find out the reason for destroying some of the other cyberspace criminals in this game. In the Endless mode you have to complete the levels within the time given. This means that you have to try to find out the solution to every level within the given time.

There are also several unlockable stuffs in this game. These are the helmet, boots and gloves that help you in performing various tricks. For completing each level you will also be provided with the five power ups that will make you capable of performing difficult tricks. There is also a time limit in this game and once you hit the time limit you will not be permitted to continue with that level. You also get to select your finish gesture in this game.

Level Editor

Apart from this game there is also a level editor which allows you to edit the level that you have created. There are also several levels that can be played online as well. The online mode will let you play with other players from all around the world.


This is surely going to be one of the best selling games for kids this year. It is very adventurous as well as fun to play. This is a great option for those who do not want to read a lot of materials about skateboarding. It is very entertaining to play and provides you with lots of thrills. There are also a number of add-ons that will make this game more interesting. They are perfect for those who want to hone their skills in skateboarding.

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