Longboard Vs Skateboard: Everything You Need To Know - Which Is Best?

Longboard Vs Skateboard: Everything You Need To Know

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If you are a beginner in skateboarding, you may not find out the fundamental differences between longboard and skateboard. But if you look closer, there are a few differences that you definitely would notice. They are both two forms of sidewalk surfing, and both are different from each other.

Moreover, a few confusions are going on regarding which one is better and more fun. So, that’s why we are here with some fundamental differences between longboard and skateboard. If you don’t know which one to pick first, you want to know about both of them. So, let’s learn about their benefits and differences.

Longboard Vs Skateboard: Everything You Need To Know
Longboard Vs Skateboard: Everything You Need To Know

Longboard Vs. Skateboard: Origins

Besides surfing, skateboarding came on earth in the 50s, and a group of surfers created them. They decided that the flat days were becoming boring so they put wheels on wooden planks to make a skateboard. Of course, that time those skateboards were far from these modern skateboards, but the more they became older, they became more fashionable. Skateboards do not recreate the surfing needs due to a different design than surfing boards.

Now people in 1990 started to put wheels on their surfboards and then that slowing became longboards that you can find today. The intention was to add extra softness and flexibility, along with technology. And the brands keep these things in head and come up with some designs that look like surfboards. Due to its versatile shape and size, longboards started to become more popular.

The Shape Of Longboard And Skateboard

As said earlier, longboards, as its name suggests, are usually longer than skateboards. Their average height is 33-60 inches and average width is 9-10 inches. And also, when you talk about skateboards, they are 28-32 inches long and 7-10 inches wide.

Longboards are more stable due to their size. Thus, they are perfect for beginner riders. And when you talk about skateboards and its actual size, there are many designs. However, the shape remains somewhat the same for all. And with skateboards’ plans, you can do ollie flips with ease.

On the other hand, longboards come with narrow decks and various shape and size to provide you with a different sort of surfing experience. So, with them, you can do a lot more trick and flips.

Trucks And Wheels

Both of the boards come with vehicles at the bottom, and they are different from each other. While skateboards trucks are more muscular, they are useful in doing grinds and tricks more manageable. The vehicles that come in skateboards, are narrower and come in various sizes from which you need to choose the maximum width of your deck.

On the other hand, when you talk about longboard trucks, they are more flexible and helps in the overall flexibility of the board. And that’s why longboard riding tends to be smooth and more comfortable.

Longboard Vs Skateboard: Everything You Need To Know
Longboard Vs Skateboard: Everything You Need To Know

Moreover, the trucks you will see in longboards are more full. However, you can pick the vehicles of both your skateboard and longboards according to the width of your board.

So, by now, we hope that you get the standard idea of the difference between longboards and skateboards. If you are having any confusions, feel free to ask us.

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