A Longboard Skateboard

Longboard- A Type Of Skateboard

A longboard is quite adventurous and popular in youth these days. To be precise, longboarding is another form or variety of skateboarding. A longboard is a less popular version of a skateboard. But in its due course of time, longboards have also evolved into many different styles and shapes.

Different styles of longboarding include trick riding, sliding, and free riding. Before buying a longboard, the rider should also consider their ability. A World Longboard Freestyle and Dance Championship is also organized every year. Its last edition was held in the Netherlands with the name ‘So… You Can Longboard Dance?’

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Longboard- A Type Of Skateboard

   Parts Of A Longboard

  • Axle: Axle grips the wheels and bearings of a longboard.
  • Hanger: It is attached to the base with a pivot cup and bushings. Hanger helps in rotation.
  • Bushings: It provides friction when the hanger is rotated.
  • Kingpin: It’s the biggest screw on the board that grips bushings and washers tightly to the hanger.
  • Pivot Cup: It allows the rotation of a hanger inside it.

   Different Types Of A Longboard

  • Speed Board Longboards: These longboards offer high speed with great stability.
  • Drop Down Longboards: For more stability, the deck and neck are quite low. This longboard is best for longer rides as it is easy to push.
  • Cut Out Longboards: This one allows the rider to take sharp turns without sliding. The wheel clearance is high to ride regular or even change directions quickly.
  • Twin Longboards: If a rider wants to learn new tricks and skills, then this longboard is the one. These are best for freestyle riding and multi-directional longboarding.
  • Mini-Cruiser Short Longboards: Being shorter in length than other longboards, this is mainly for professional riders.
  • Blunt Longboards: Having high stability and a wider nose and tail makes this one best for beginners. Blunt longboards are best for learning basics.
  • Fishtail Longboards: A characteristic feature of this board is the split tail. This longboard appears like a surfing board because of that. It also comes with a narrow nose and wide center.
  • Pintail Longboards: Having a broad base and sharp nose helps improve balance for beginners. This longboard is suitable for riding directional and steep turns.

Useful Tips For Beginners

Longboard- A Type Of Skateboard
Longboard- A Type Of Skateboard
  • Pick up the correct kind of longboard according to need and ability.
  • Every sport has a different manner of taking a stance, and just like that, knowing the stance in longboarding is very important.
  • The primary step for a beginner is to know how to balance. Bending the knees slightly and leaning forward also helps in balancing.
  • Another essential thing is to learn to push and stop the longboard with one leg. It is challenging because balancing on one foot is not easy.
  • Before learning how to roll, knowing how to brake should be the first step.
  • Learning how to roll aboard is as essential as practicing the fall. It might sound weird at first, but it builds confidence in the rider.


Although longboarding sounds like quite an adventurous and cool sport, yet one should take proper precautions. Professional training and regular practice is a must before taking them on the streets. Longboarding is different from general skateboarding as it is suitable for long distances.

Longboarding comes in many variants from basic to complicated tricks and freestyle. Longboards are a great way of physical activity and for connecting with fellow riders also.

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