Long Service Life is Important When Choosing an Electric Skateboard Motor

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An electric skateboard motor has many purposes. They are used for various applications, but most importantly for personal transportation. You will find several types on the market, so it is important that you choose carefully.

A. The electric skateboard motor is simply a small component of wood in the form of a skateboard with four wheels secured to a steel frame. It comes in extremely handy for traveling for short and long distances without difficulty. The light weight allows smooth and easy movement even on bumpy surfaces.

B. There are two main categories of electric motors: weak magnets or strong magnets. Usually weak magnets produce less speed. The stronger magnets generate more speed when the balance between torque and weight is considered.

An Overview

A man riding a skateboard down a street

C. Many skateboard brands make their own motors. In general, they have good results, although you need to be careful and read the instructions carefully before using them. Most pros prefer to use motors manufactured by Kustom. Kustom’s motors are durable, high torque and produce minimal Noise. They are perfect for those looking for reliable performance and maximum portability.

D. Kustom manufactures both their own versions and compatible aftermarket parts. This makes them very popular with both serious and amateur riders alike. In fact, the company has developed a reputation as one of the world’s top producers of high speed electric motors. In addition, their motors are built to match the highest standards of quality and design, making them very long lasting.

Choosing Electric Skateboard Motors

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E. Kustom’s brushless motor brand uses high performance motors which are almost indestructible. To ensure that the rider experience a smooth and quiet ride, no modifications have ever been made to the motor except for slight changes in the torque and speed. The brushed motor is also designed to minimize damage to the rider’s body by utilizing high strength materials. The company also offers a full warranty on both the motors and the wheel hubs.

F. Operating efficiency: There really isn’t any point in using a motor if it doesn’t give you the best performance. Kustom never compromised on the quality of its motors even though the operating efficiency of its pro series is not as advanced as some of the other brands. Each Kustom motor is made with its customer in mind. Kustom offers both maximum wattage and maximum torque, allowing pros the opportunity to maximize speed and performance without sacrificing efficiency.

G. Durability: It takes a lot of pounding to keep pros in shape. When purchasing a new board it is important that you find a durable brand like Kustom that produces high quality motors that will stand up to all that abuse. Unlike some cheaper brands, Kustom offers a long product life and an energy-efficient operating efficiency that will last you for years.

H. Maximum wattage: More people would recommend Kustom as their number one brand, but in truth, it offers higher maximum wattage than most competing brands. It has a high torque rating that keeps pace with pro speeds without breaking too much speed. And because it is so reliable, pro skateboarders appreciate the fact that they can practice on their rides without worrying about having their boards ruin. Since the motors are so durable, Kustom boards can handle a lot of wear and tear. They are also designed to be crash tested, which is very important for skateboarders that often crash hard. These powerful motors make it easy to get the fastest possible speeds.

Bottom Lines

Kustom manufactures all kinds of electric skateboards, so it is likely that there will be a model that is perfect for your needs. Some other popular brands include Volk’s and Big Wheel. The Volk’s AC 2.5 motor is a good example of high quality longboard motors. It offers plenty of torque, a long lasting high efficiency motor, excellent durability and excellent portability.

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