Know Before You Buy Safety Gear For Skateboarding

safety gear for skateboarding

There are many safety gear for skateboarding that you might be considering purchasing. It is important to consider buying safety equipment because you can greatly reduce the risks of injury and death when riding your skateboard. There are many different products available and some of them include elbow pads, helmets, eye protection and mouth guards.

The first safety gear for skateboarding is a helmet. If you are just starting out then it would be wise to invest in a high quality helmet that fits you snug. It is also advisable to wear a helmet with extra padding as this will help to absorb the shock of any collisions. Many skate parks prohibit the use of a full face helmet but the majority of skate shops do not have such policies. It is best to buy a helmet that has a removable liner so that you can always wear a new one if the current one becomes damaged or torn.

The next piece of safety gear for skateboarding is elbow pads. You should get two extra sets of pads as well as wrist guards. The purpose of having two sets of elbow pads is to give you additional protection in the knees and lower back. If you are serious about the sport then you may want to invest in elbow guards that are made from carbon fibre because they are very durable.

Famous For Love Affairs

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Skateboarding is also famous for its love affair with padded shorts. The majority of skateboarders prefer to wear padded shorts over pants. Skating pants are extremely heavy and you need to be very careful when walking in them because they can really hurt the legs. Padded shorts are great as they provide a lot of comfort. Skaters do not need to spend too much time in their padded shorts because they are designed to be comfortable as well as functional. There are some skaters who even wear their padded shorts while roller derby.

One of the most important pieces of safety gear for skateboarding is a wrist guard. Wrist guards are designed to protect the entire arm including the shoulder, elbow, triceps, and palm. Make sure that your wrist guard fits properly because if it’s too tight it will become useless in the long run.

One of the most important pieces of skate clothing that you should buy is a helmet. A proper helmet is required by law in most places where roller derby is an activity. There are two types of helmets to choose from, full face and half shell. A half shell helmet is designed to provide more protection to the lower part of the head. In contrast, a full face helmet covers the upper half of the head.

Elbow Pads

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The last piece of safety gear for skateboarding is elbow pads. In case your skates grow weak early on in the game, then elbow pads will be very useful. Skaters should always wear elbow pads, even if they’re only using their wrist guards to prevent the hair from growing on their arms or hands. It will help prevent injuries like sprains and muscle strains.

Most skaters would also consider eye protection, especially when doing tricks with increased speed. Eye protection should be worn even if you have to wear a mask for your safety. This is because a fall while doing a trick can cause a tremendous amount of pain and injury.


Safety gear for skateboarding is one item you don’t want to be missing out on while out on a skateboard ride.

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