Junior Protective Gear Skateboarding – Safety Becomes First Here

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Skateboarding is a fun outdoor activity among kids, they learn and practice skateboarding as a sport and exercise. It is not only a popular activity among the youth, but kids are also fond of riding skateboards. During the practice of skateboarding, there is the necessary equipment that should be used while performing the activity. In this article, we’re going to discuss junior protective gear skateboarding that is needed.

Junior Protective Gear Skateboarding

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Junior skateboarders should be at least younger than six years old to learn the activity with a monitor by an adult. To keep the junior skateboarder safe while practicing skateboarding, here is the essential safety gear that should be followed and worn during the skateboard.

First of all, a skateboard junior needs to wear a perfect-fit helmet throughout the activity. Never allow kids to skateboard without wearing a helmet. Ensure the helmet to be protected from the back and sides of the junior head and can be adjusted. Buy an ASTM Standard and CPSC certified high-quality helmet. Getting injured in the head can lead to hospital, so to avoid it is mandatory to wear special-design skateboard helmets.

While riding a skateboard, your junior may often fall during practice or training. After the head, the knee is the most common area of the body that may get injured. Knee pads are necessary for junior protective gear skateboarding that are strongly advised to wear to be protected from injuries.

Though the elbow has less action compared to the knee and wrist, it still needs to be protected by elbow pads gear as juniors are taught to use elbows and knees to break the fall while skateboarding.

Wrist pad or wrist guard is essential protective gear to be protected from a laceration on your juniors wrist. It also protects from serious wrist fractures.

Like any other sport activity, a skateboard also has a definite type of shoes that is compulsory to wear during the ride. Junior skateboard shoes are flat soles to maintain the board while riding. Flat skate shoes help juniors to get a better grip while skating. 

Last but not least for juniors, choose the correct-sized skateboard. It is the most important part of skateboarding to choose a perfect-sized skateboard for a junior that will help the kid to progress faster and in an effective way.

Junior Protective Gear Skateboarding – Things To Consider

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In any style of junior skateboarding, like freestyle, speed or slalom juniors need to be safe while shaking with the help of skateboarding protective gear. Coach or the parent needs to ensure a safe place for their kids to ride to avoid any accidents and juniors also need to be taught to wear safety gear listed above beforehand.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that a junior protective gear skateboard is very important for riding the skateboard. Every gear should be re-checked before the practice and also ensure the material of all the gear so that the junior feels comfortable during the skateboarding.

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