Intelligent Electric Skateboard – Top Speed and Other Technical Features You Need to Know About Your New Skateboard

intelligent electric skateboard

If you wish to build your own intelligent electric skateboard, you need to be careful when buying parts. Don’t just buy any random part, even if it looks like the right one. There is a lot more to consider than appearance. For example, many sellers of this type of merchandise are either selling it illegally or misleading customers by selling fake parts. Consider these tips when looking for intelligent electric skateboard parts, as they will help you in your search and avoid paying too much.

Beware of scam online shops, like the ones mentioned above, which are selling imitation intelligent electric skateboards with virtually the same specifications as shown in the graphic below. Many of these stores are from China, Hong Kong or Malaysia, and it is easy to fall for the scams. Be especially cautious if the shop is located near your home. This is because there are a number of scammers who target kids who are simply walking home from school.

It might take some time before you find a great source for this type of product, but the search is well worth it. You should first look for a reputable store, either locally or online. Look at the products they have available, and ask about the prices. Don’t be impressed with low prices; these are just signs of a good store, which is selling imitation parts, not quality motorbike parts.

Type Of Intelligent Electric Skateboard.

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A good store would have a wide range of options for the type of intelligent electric skateboard you are purchasing, whether it is a complete system or just individual components.

The most important quality of an intelligent electric skateboard is the quality of the skateboards parts. The pro shops may be able to sell you parts like the Giant wide-wheel tires, which can be bought directly from them. However, even these may not last long and may need replacing soon. If the pro shop does not carry Giant wide-wheel tires, look for them online. There are many stores that specialize in selling these specific parts, so you can find exactly what you want.

Another important feature of an intelligent electric skateboard is that it should come with a full kit. The kit should include everything you need to fully set up the deck on your own. Everything should include the deck, pro frame, trucks, wheels, battery, wheel bearings, wheels spares, a deck repair guide, and a complete installation manual. The kit should also come with a complete instructional video showing how to fully assemble the board.


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The most important feature of the skateboards parts, however, is the motor. The motor has to be strong enough to support the rider’s weight and allow them to reach their maximum speed. You should also make sure that the motor does not have to support the rider’s weight for extended periods of time because you will eventually wear yourself out. Good brands to choose from are Kustom, Truth, Velocity, and the Giant decks.

The intelligent electric skateboard should also come with a quality wookray skateboard deck. The deck should come with at least seven layers of rubber-reinforced vinyl to protect you from cuts and scrapes, and the thickness should be three inches. You will definitely need to pay a little more for this type of protective cover, but the cover will be worth every penny when you experience those sore toes and fingers after surfing the board down hillsides at top speed.

Final Words

Other features that you definitely need including a throttle, a variable crankshaft speed, a comfortable deck, easy to use buttons for controlling the throttle and deck, five foot tall wheels, anti-tip wheel bearings, aluminum shocks, and dual suspension. These features will definitely help you get the ride of your dreams and a top speed of over 25 mph. The battery should last you anywhere from two to four hours depending on the use. If you are going to shop online, make sure that you shop with a reputable retailer to avoid being ripped off.

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