How To Build Your Own DIY Electric Skateboard Idea

diy electric skateboard

This article gives you a very brief overview of how to do it. If you need more detailed information on the electronics, read the original DIY Electric Skateboard review.

Get Some Good Quality Parts

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First of all, you are going to need good quality skateboards and parts to build your diy electric skateboard. These can be purchased online or from your local skateboard shop. There are numerous holes to drill. Some of the bigger ones will be around six inches in diameter, while some of the small ones will only be about three inches. Once you’ve drilled enough holes, use some epoxy or glue and put the wheels on.

Use A Deck Clamp

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Next, get yourself a new solid and strong deck. Most of the time, a solid hardwood deck with a non-slip deck clamp will work best for your project. Once you have the right deck, attach your wheels and then install your diy electric skateboard kit. Most kits come with wheels that are already attached. Some of them may also include the necessary hardware for mounting the wheels. With the wheels attached to your deck now comes the next step.

Connect The Batteries

The final step would be to actually connect your diy kit and battery. One of the most common mistakes that people make is confusing the battery connectors with the actual battery. For most skateboards, the power cable is usually located on the bottom. Instead, look for the small black box with the two prong connectors that fit directly into the battery compartment. The screw on the back of the connector may vary from brand to brand but it should be easily accessible.


Finally, test out your newly assembled diy electric skateboard to see if it works as expected. To do this, attach your battery life meter to the battery pack. When you release the throttle, it should pull the meter up until it reaches a maximum reading. If not, check the throttle itself for proper resistance.

The whole process usually doesn’t take long. Once your diy electric skateboard idea is complete, all you need to do is install your kit and enjoy riding it. You can also watch some video guides online or download some simple diy skateboard design plans to get you started. These easy to follow videos should help you get your new project off the ground.

Saving Money By Using Electric Skateboard Kit

Getting a quality diy electric skateboard kit is important if you want to save money. However, it’s just as important to ensure you’re building a quality deck. For instance, purchasing a cheap kit that may come with poor construction will mean that over time the deck will become easily ruined or damaged. Even worse, with cheap kits there’s a chance that the company may try to sell you used parts in order to make even more money off of you.

Bottom Line

Therefore, it’s really important to look for high quality kits that come with step by step instructions. Some companies even provide videos so you can clearly see how the kit is put together. Once you have a good diy electric skateboard project, don’t be afraid to start modifying it. If you are limited by your budget, start out with a smaller deck and then add some larger wheels and some bigger suspension springs. This will give you a more stable ride as well as a safer tail. Be creative and you’ll soon have a great project.

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