How Does the ExoPro Stack Up Against Other Brands

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This is when you will find the battery may go flat and you will be forced to wait until another battery is available. Exway Peak solves this problem by making your life a lot easier.

The Exway Peak’s navigation system is easy to use, with voice prompts telling you where to turn and when you need to recharge the battery. Exway Wave is smaller than other similar devices, weighing only 118 grams for an adult size, and only weighs four ounces for a smaller child. With its high on board speed, the light weight makes it easy to take on any ride with confidence, you will easily find your way over any terrain whether it be road or dirt.

The Exway Peak

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A charging cord comes included on all models of the Exway Peak, giving you the ability to plug it into any cigarette lighter socket. One feature that is unique on the Peak is a foot control that allows you to control the direction that the motor is traveling. The unit includes a nine-volt adapter that can easily be plugged into any power outlet, or be driven directly from your bike’s battery. The battery life on the Exway Peak is approximately six to eight hours so you will be able to make it through the average morning or evening without worry.

If you are looking for a good deal on a battery operated electric skateboard then look no further than the Exway Pro Series 2. This battery powered package consists of a complete twin hub setup with Cannondale’s SuperSix lithium ion complete frame, along with a beefy dual wheel base for extra stability. The Exocraft Peak’s battery consists of NiCad (or nickel cadmium) batteries, which has been a popular choice for many years. It is very powerful and has the longest initial battery life of all the available battery sizes. You can expect up to eight hours of charge time on a new set of wheels. If you are in the market for a short board and don’t mind a little heavier weight than the ExoPro Short Board could be an excellent choice for you, however it does have its cons.

The Cannondale Hub

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The Cannondale hub which is used on the ExoPro Short Board is considered one of the best available on the market. It is extremely lightweight and allows the rider to easily take the board on and off. This is great for kids and adults alike as they can easily toss it onto their wrists and start riding immediately. It also helps that the hub is made out of high impact plastic which is highly durable and will not rust.

One thing that the ExoPro Short Board differs from other exporters in that it does run on a standard 110-volt outlet, but it does allow a second battery to be installed so that riders can use their existing battery on occasion. It has a two-year warranty, so if anything should happen to go wrong with the bikes, or the remote ExoPro will be there to assist in fixing it for you free of charge. 

A Separate Backup Battery

The standard helmet mount includes a built-in backup, but it is recommended that a separate backup battery is used in the event of a power failure. The two-year warranty along with the fact that the battery can be changed out whenever you like makes this bike one of the most reliable on the market today.

The biggest advantage of the ExoPro hub is that it allows riders to use their existing Cannondale electric skateboards with the scoreboard in order to increase their performance. This can be achieved by either swapping the hub with another brand of wheel or by simply adding a different hub that allows you to utilize the same wheel for both the ExoPro and the shortboard. The new wheel may have slightly increased rolling resistance compared to the original, but the extra traction provided by the ExoPro hub will make up for the difference. Regardless of which wheel you choose, the ExoPro line of bikes still provide superb performance and plenty of benefits to riders who enjoy the sport.


Another advantage of the ExoPro line of exotics is that they feature the company’s cutting edge technology called Flex Tech. The concept is simple enough to understand: as riders apply more force to the board using their feet, they are able to shift the center of balance forward. This leads to better control and faster acceleration. Because of the technology used by the ex-RAZR team, it will be easy for riders to transition from a normal indoor riding position to an accelerated one, all without having to sacrifice much in the way of performance. The durability of the battery cell used by the ExoPro team makes the battery’s ability to hold a charge much longer than other brands, and this means that riders will be able to continue riding for a very long time after the initial charges on their battery die down.

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