Great Gift Ideas For Figures Skating Fans

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Are you a skater who wants to add some figure skating accessories to your wardrobe? The accessory choices for skaters are almost limitless. With so many styles and designs available, it can be difficult to choose which accessories are right for you. Don’t worry, this is the guide to help you find your perfect skates and accessories. After all, your goal is figure skating!

Figure Skating Accessories There are many different types of figure skaters accessories that are available. Some are necessary, but others can help enhance your performance. Most popular are the blade guards and the figure skater booties. These protective products can prevent your foot from slipping out of the ice when you are performing. Figure skaters often wear these skates when they perform at their competitions.

An Overview

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Figure Skating Dresses There are several different types of figure skating dresses. They come in various colors, sizes, styles, and materials. Figure skaters compete to look their best, so they will most likely have a lot of detail on their dresses. Think about if you will be skating for fun or competition. If you are serious about competing, you will want to choose a high quality dress. Figure skating dresses are usually made of leather, cotton, or vinyl.

Ice Skates are another one of the many figure skating accessories that are available. Figure skaters use special ice skates to perform routines on the ice, so they must also protect their feet. A new figure skating accessory with today’ top trend is a face mask.

Figure Skates and Gloves Figure skaters wear gloves in addition to the skates. These are known as “studdies.” They help to protect the fingers from cuts and scrapes while practicing and performing. Gloves also keep the skater’s fingers from slipping out of their stance when they perform a trick. The newest addition to the list of figure skating accessories is a glove extender.

Gift Ideas For Skating Fans

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Gloves and Skates Gloves are available for both adults and children. Children, especially those who are learning how to skate, may need a pair of smaller size gloves to start out with. To help them keep their gloves comfortable, figure skating companies make several different styles and colors. The two most popular styles for young kids are pink and blue. Pink pairs have small hearts with the child’s name, while blue has an adorable “S” design on the outside of the glove. These two colors go great together for newborns.

Figure Skates with Attachments Guards attach to the bottom part of the skates. There are three types: strapped, non-ridged, and mounted guards. Blocked guards are attached to the front of the skates with straps that go over the boots. This style prevents the blades from accidentally cutting into the ice while skating.

Need to keep your kids warm during the winter? Why not let them wear knit stretch figure skating gloves? They come in several fun colors and are very comfortable for even the youngest children. In addition, these gloves allow the child to concentrate better because their hands no longer feel cold.

Figure Skating Accessories With Holds & Blade Covers Holding the blades close to the body can prevent skaters from slipping. Holding sleeves or blade covers can also help prevent slipping. Holding kits usually include a set of hold and blade covers. When the hold is removed, the child can slide his or her blades off easily.

Bottom Line

Edea skating laces These little extras add interest to the skaters’ skates and gloves. There are many different designs available. Some feature flower designs or zebra stripes. Others feature polka dots. These laces are usually for women, but some manufacturers make them for men, too.

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