Free Public Skate Park Miami Highlights – Skate Park Miami And Its Features

skate park miami

Miami is the second-largest city in Florida, in the United States. After New York city many tourists would love to visit Miami as a major tourist place. After so many years public skate park Miami got its name with Lot11. So here is detailed information about the parks and spots that are famous for skating.

Lot11 Public Skate Park Miami

A person riding a skate board

The skate park functions from 11:00a.m – 9:00 p.m. daily. Every two hours a new skaters group is allowed. Park will be cleaned before the arrival of the next group. Smoking is strictly prohibited. While entering the park mask must be worn. During skating, the mask can be removed. It is advised that everyone needs to maintain a social distance of at least six feet from one another. Identity proof is a must. Many local agency bookings are available through Instagram. For many years there have been no skate parks. Skaters use streets or they privately own their skate parks. That is too expensive. City governments considered skateboarding as an annoyance initially. It was because Katz and his skate free team came out with a proposal and plan with the transportation department. Many years passed by. Many hands came to give financial support. Finally on November 16 Skate-free team celebrated the grand opening of Lot11 Skate Park Miami.


A man riding a skateboard down the side view mirror

This park is located in the North of Bal Harbor. It is one of the central places where many people can make use of this skateboarding. It has a lot of Mangrove trees that add extra beauty to the location. Skateboarding, bike riding is free of cost. If visitors travel through vehicles they need to pay parking charges. The park is free for all to use. The skate park and the pump track at Haulover is more famous. Other


North Beach public skate park was opened in 2018. Many skaters make use of these parks. The best location is suited for all ages. Sugars Drop Shop Westwind Lakes Skate Park has soccer fields other than the skating park. It is the best place to ride bikes. TF305 is another spot but it is opened only on Monday and Wednesday. It has an indoor skating facility and they give training also. Bamford Sports Complex Skateboard Park is open on all days from 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. It is located on S Pine island road. It has a skateboard park and rings. Skateboard Supercross is the next skate spot located in Hialeah. It is opened on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. These are some of the skate spots located in Miami.


Though we can find many Skate parks Miami, many more skate spots need to be developed as we can see even small kids shows more interest in skating and boarding. Being kids are involved; many safety measures need to be taken around the skate parks. Skating culture has been increasing year by year in Miami.

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