Figure Ice-Skating Accessories for Boys and Girls

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Are you or your child starting ice skating? Wondering what figure skating equipment should be in your bag to be fully ready for your training? Below is a list of gear and accessories to make the best of your practices and to take care of your skates.

#1 – Ice skates with good fit

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Of course, the first thing you need are ice skates. No surprise here.

But make sure they are suitable for your level and fit your feet well.

  • Length: when standing, is the foot flat in the skate. Are the toes free to wiggle a little?
  • Width: when standing, is the curvature of the sole matching the arch of your foot.  Do your feet feel supported?  (different brands have different fit)
  • Heel: is the heel of your foot well seated in the heel area?
  • Ankle: does the skate fit well the ankle?

#2 – Appropriate socks

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Many people are scared their feet will be cold when ice-skating, so they want to use thick socks.

However, the thinner the socks the better. At high level, some skater even skate barefoot because socks cause friction. With thin socks, you can feel your sole better and control pressure to control your movement.

If you choose to wear socks (like I did), you have to choose some that will minimize rubbing (avoid seams).

So choose socks that are thin and high above the boot but avoid entirely polyester socks. Or you can wear tights.

#3 – Ice skating bag

I know in movies and pictures, cool girls seem to be wearing their skates on their shoulder using laces attached together. This is a really bad idea. Please, do not to this. You will damage your laces, your skates and your clothes as everything bangs together.

You should carry your skates in a bag, if possible, with aeration.

#4 – Skate guards

It is absolutely critical to have a pair of skate guards. As soon as you get off the ice, you should protect your blades with the guards.

The smallest impact on your blade means that you can’t skate anymore, and you would have to buy new ones. The blades are only supposed to be on the ice.

However, wear the guards only to walk around. Don’t leave them on the skates once removed from your feet!

#5 – Absorbent cloth or Towel

You should always have something to dry your blades and mounting surfaces after a practice. It is mandatory.

If you don’t want rust to appear on your blades, you have to spend some time drying them thoroughly before packing them. I even recommend drying once, then waiting while you change and drying them again as condensation will have formed if you enter a warmer room. The cloth should be gentle and absorbent – Good options are microfiber towel, chamois cloth, terry cloth.

So, invest in all of these ice-skating accessories.

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