The Evolution Of Skateboarding You Should Know

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Skateboarding has been a favorite pastime for kids and adults for several decades. In fact, it is the fastest-growing sport in the United States. It is easy to see why skateboarding is so popular today. In addition to the fun, it is also a very safe sport to play. Here you have an article on Evolution Of Skateboarding.

There have been two main phases in the evolution of skateboarding. The first was the “Skydiving and Sailing” era. During this time, the “skateboard trucks”skateboards” were primarily wooden and used for flat surface landings. They were usually made of wood because they could be customized to fit the shape of a rider’s foot. Many of these skateboards were custom-built for the rider who wanted them.

Later, the age of movie stars, racing cars, and sports bikes gave birth to “skateboarding clothing.” This stage in the evolution of skateboarding began with the first commercial skateboarders. These professional skateboarders wore short dresses that were in vogue at the time. Today, some people would laugh at the thought of wearing a short dress, but at the time, it was an important fashion statement.

The Evolution Of Skateboarding You Should Know
The Evolution Of Skateboarding You Should Know

The first significant changes in modern skating came in the 1970s with the introduction of new inventions such as the spin board and freestyle boards. With this evolution came many other new innovations. At this point, skateboards were being sold by most major companies. They were now a fashion statement as well as a means of transportation. For those with a serious interest in skateboarding, they now had the opportunity to be seen on TV commercials for skateboarding shoes and clothing.

Evolution Of Skateboarding

The next step in the evolution of skateboarding was the use of magazines. The first magazine to feature the most skateboarding information was “The Sketch.” Next, it was skateboarding “magazines” such as “Gutter” Hustler.”

The evolution of skateboarding into more than just a fashion statement also happened when the first televised skateboarding competitions began. The first competition was famous as “Skateboarders,” and the winner was Jamie Anderson. It was later on that the American Olympic team began using skateboards to help them prepare for the Summer Olympics.

The “boy’s club” mentality of skateboarding didn’t really become an issue until the 1970s. There were no longer boys only, even girls participated in the sport. During this time, the term “skateboarding” started referring to a wider definition of the sport than it did in the earlier years. In short, “skateboarding” includes all of the items. Now, the term is often useful to refer to this genre of sport.

National Sport

The progression of skateboarding to become a national sport continued to happen in the 1980s. It became one of the biggest sports in the world and an Olympic sport. The pro skateboarder Tony Hawk brought skateboarding into the mainstream, and now it has become part of the culture of America.

The Evolution Of Skateboarding You Should Know
The Evolution Of Skateboarding You Should Know

One of the next major developments in the evolution of skateboarding happened after the Olympics. Skateboarding entered into the “big leagues” in terms of high-end major companies producing skateboards. The result is that today, skateboarding boards last for a lifetime. There are a variety of materials that they use in order to make skateboards today. The decks are in unique shapes that bring about the creation of many skateboarding tricks and/or tricks.

International Event

One of the most important developments in the evolution of skateboarding happened when professional skateboarders began traveling to international events. Before that time, the only people who knew about the major events were their own skateboarding friends. After these athletes traveled to competitions around the world, the whole world became aware of skateboarding. Today, the world skateboarding competition circuit covers most of the world and continues to grow each year.

The evolution of skateboarding continues to evolve with new technological innovations that come along with time. A few of the developments that are happening include better materials for skateboards and a digital recording device that records video of the skateboard rider’s performance.

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