Energy Skate Park Basics For Beginners

energy skate park basics

Energy Skate Park Basics First of all, what is a skate park? A skate park is a place where skateboarders can go and have great skateboarding fun. The first thing to understand about skate parks is that they are usually divided by lines called ‘railings’ which help the skaters move in their chosen style of skating. Without the proper skate park basics, you will find that your skating is not only dangerous but it is also unproductive.

An Overview

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Some people think that energy skating is exactly the same as BMX racing. This isn’t true. BMX is a very different sport; while energy skateboarding is a way to make sure that you get your adrenaline rush, it’s a completely different game than BMX. As far as safety goes, energy skate parks are a lot safer than regular skate parks because they use more caution when it comes to the design of the skate park. Here are some of the energy skate park basics that every skate park should offer:

Safety First and foremost, the design of the skate park is very important. While it may seem like a simple idea to put in a skate park that’s made for people with high tops and wheels, there are many safety issues that come from this design. The first safety issue that often comes up is that because the park is narrow, you can’t get around a person properly. You also run the risk of falling off since the floor is low and sometimes it is hard to see the edges.


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The second issue is related to the design of the park itself. Many skate parks are built in such a way that they create a feeling of being enclosed. This means that there is a lot of space to move around in, but it also makes it hard to see. This causes more accidents because people will be coming up on your board without seeing it. One of the best ways to combat this is to have large bushes or trees so that there is a clear path where people can watch. Of course, you also want to make sure there is a way to get out if you get tired.

The third and most important safety feature that should be in a skate park for beginners is to have a place to go to if you get stuck. Usually the place to go is near the exit ramp and that way you can get out much more quickly. Another great feature is to build in some small embankments near the ramps that can give you some protection if you need it.

Use With Safety

There are also some skate park basics that you should look into when you’re designing your own park. One is that you should be sure to place plenty of flat ground markers so that you know where to place the barriers. Having large amounts of curves or turns can be dangerous and could cause a skater to go airborne, which can be very dangerous. Another safety feature that should be in a skate park is a wide variety of skates. Some of them are meant for speed, but others have smaller wheels and are better for learning and developing skills.

You also need to make sure that the kids are kept busy when they are visiting a skate park for the first time. By having games and puzzles go on, you will get them used to the idea of having their fun outside. You can also have them pick up different pieces of the equipment and move around. That way no one is ever tired and you can all just sit and have fun.


Energy skate parks are great places for beginners to start out. They offer a safe place to learn how to skateboard and to work on skills. Just remember to have fun and keep safe when visiting a skate park for the first time. The more fun you have, the more of a beginner you will be!

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