Electric Skateboard Kit – A Detailed Guide To Buy The Best

Electric Skateboard Kit

Even though readymade electric skateboards are available in the market, building an electric skateboard is a great way to have a skateboard that will meet individual requirements. This can also make it less expensive. Apart from a light yet durable board, one should focus on the equipment while buying an electric skateboard kit.

Wheels In Electric Skateboard Kit

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When selecting wheels, one should focus on hardness, durability, grip, and ease of skating. Two types of wheels are popular for electric skateboarding, Urethane, and Pneumatic. Urethane has many unique properties which explain its popularity. It has really good abrasion resistance. Abrasion resistance means its ability to resist being worn away, which means that the wheel will last a while. At the same time, urethane wheels give a very good grip to the ground.

Pneumatic wheels are also a popular option. In pneumatic wheels, there is a metal ring with a rubber tire mounted over it. It is not solid in nature like urethane wheels and is rather filled with air or foam to the desired pressure level. The advantage with pneumatic wheels is that the air/foam pressure can be adjusted as per need.

Motor And Battery Type

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The motor is actually the most important part while building an electrical skateboard. Selecting a motor depends on how a person wants to implement the motor’s driving force and control. There are two basic choices, a Brushed DC Motor or a Brushless DC Motor. Brushed DC motor is easy to operate, you can connect a battery to it, and it’ll spin. It is cheaper and can also operate in more extreme conditions compared to a brushless DC motor.

In terms of RPMs, Torques, Efficiency, etc., asin the technical aspects, brushless motors are better. However, they can be complex to run. This is because you need a special circuit called the Electronic Speed Control that changes the DC into a 3-phase AC that can run the motor because to run them. They have three cables instead of 2 in brushed DC motors for the purpose. Hence when you use these kinds of motors, you need to put some extra thought into how to encase the system. While the motors are as robust as the brushed one or even better, the circuits are not.

But generally successful electric skateboard manufacturers opted for the brushless motors. They would rather put more effort into creating a special electrical system for the whole thing, making them expensive.

Battery durability, charging time, and affordability is to be taken into consideration. Lithium polymer batteries (LiPo) and Li-ion are the commonly used batteries on electric skateboards. Li-ion batteries are the most common among commercial electric skateboarders, while Lithium polymer batteries are more popular among amateurs. Lithium-ion has high power density, less the memory effect; therefore, batteries don’t get harder to charge over time. Lithium-ion batteries cost lower than lithium-polymer. Lithium-ion batteries are amazingly efficient.


Building an electric skateboard is fun and a lot more practical because the wheels, motors, and other parts can be customized according to need and budget. For the same, one needs to keep the above points under consideration. The skateboard should be kept light if it is used only for a certain part of the way. Otherwise, it can be annoying to carry around.

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