Best Roller Skating Accessories to Invest In

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Roller skating is a very popular hobby amongst youth and children today. If you wan to learn roller skating, then you need to gear up properly and invest in some good accessories to ensure your safety and to enhance your experience. Here is a list.

Best Overall – Impala Quad Skate

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They’re a great pick for hitting the roller rink; novice skaters will enjoy the ankle support and big gummy toe stop. Impala packs a lot of boot here, but you get an uber-comfy interior and well-padded sides. The Impalas are lightweight enough to practice crossovers and spins, neither of which I mastered. Impala’s quad skates felt awkward at first. The boot is heavier and more rigid than some other skates I’ve tried. Once you get used to the heft, you’ll appreciate the stability around the ankle; it’s great for beginners. If you find that you want these skates to be more flexible for better artistic movements, try taking them to your local roller rink and ask the folks there to adjust your mounting plate. Another plus for the Impalas? They’re gorgeous. 

Another Great Option – Sure-Grip Boardwalk

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Sure-Grip’s Boardwalk skates are another beginner-friendly option, especially for outdoor skaters. The wheels are big and bouncy, they can conquer minor obstacles like gravel or twigs without causing a crash, and they smoothly transition to indoor use. Since the suede upper is thin, you can lace these skates really tightly. That thinness also makes for a shorter break-in period. They’re lightweight and won’t hamper your ability to complete transitions, turn-around toe stops, or crossovers. Unfortunately, they’re the most expensive skates in this guide.

Best for Control – Riedell Dart Pixel

The company makes versatile skates that are good for indoor rink or outdoor skating. The Dart Pixels are technically speed skates, meaning they have a lower top boot, allowing for more flexibility than your classic hightops. This pair fits like a sneaker. The vinyl boot narrows at the toe and offers some cushiony side padding. Your degree of control is far greater—I felt comfortable doing tight turns and fast stops—but these might not be perfect for newbies seeking ankle stability. Kudos to Riedell for making a speed skate that’s actually attractive.

Best for Newcomers – Bont Prostar

Bont’s Prostar skates are designed for derby rookies. They come with all the bells and whistles to up your skate game: A fiberglass base, rubber toe protection, and a microfiber boot. Bont also tosses in a thermoplastic heel, which means you can stick these kicks in the oven and mold the boots for a custom fit. This is a boon for folks with varying ankle sizes on both legs, as well as a way to reduce pesky blisters for hardcore jammers. The skates I tried out had a softer wheel (92a) intended for a slippery floor. Skating around a local basketball court, I felt a bit inert, unable to push off the edges of Bont’s wide boot.

These are some of the best roller skates you can consider investing in.

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