Best Longboard Accessories to Buy in 2021

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Have you ever wondered what else you could possibly need to fully kit out your ride? If you’ve got the two most important pieces like your helmet and sliding gloves sorted- there are a couple of other things you can do to give yourself full customization ability over your longboard. Different types of bushings, bearings, lights and protective knee and elbow pads are all perfect to help you create a unique board and riding experience perfect for yourself. We’ve gone ahead and found some of the best accessories for your ride to make sure you’re safely riding around in style and comfort.

Great Longboard Bushings

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longboard accessory bushingsOften one of the most overlooked and least understood component of a longboard, the bushing can play a massive role in what type of ride you’re going to be getting from your longboard. By fine tuning the setup of your bushings, a difference of absolutely loving or hating your ride can be made. While factory bushings are all designed with a “one size fits all” mid set, it is simply not applicable to different types of riders with different heights and weights. So, for a better and more unique ride to suit your style we strongly suggest you try and play around with a few different configurations to see what fits best. Here’s a great little item to help you make your ride perfectly suit your style and needs.

The Hairy bushings big hairy sack kit

A man riding a skateboard up the side of a building

Cheap and affordable with a huge variety of different bushings, this kit is perfect for anyone looking to experiment and try different bushings at a low cost. While they may not be the highest quality you can find, this kit is sure to help you figure out a ride that suits your style more personally.

Great Longboard Bearings

longboard bearings accessoriesFast or slow, the choice is entirely yours on what type of longboard bearings to be using for your board. Are you trying to hit any new records speeding down the local slope? Or looking for a more fine-tuned bearing to help refine and slow down your skating speed. Regardless, by purchasing the correct type of the bearing for the type of skating your looking for – you’re guaranteed to have a perfect and unique ride.

Protective knee and elbow pads

longboard knee elbow padsLet’s be honest here and assume you’re going to fall at least once and hit the pavement a little. So, it would make sense to ensure you’re kitted out with a decent amount of protection to help you walk off your big crash and try again.

Accessory longboard lights

longboard led lightingOkay so while this may not be the most essential accessory out there, if you want to help make yourself and your board standout we can then definitely recommend you should start considering longboard lights. With a huge variety of different colors and combinations this is a sure-fire way of jazzing up your boring old board.

Longboard wall mounted rack

longboard wall mount rackGot a bunch of boards lying around taking up space? How about you up the storage space and get an awesome feature for your wall in your room or house. Wall mounted racks are perfect for bringing a bit of style to your room while also getting your boards off the ground. Easy, cheap and cool – what more could you want!? The mounted racks can carry a varying number of longboards and are perfect for keeping your boards off the ground and in tip top shape.

These are some of the best accessories to buy.

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