Are Fitness Trackers Essential For A healthy life?

Are Fitness Trackers Essential For A healthy life?

The popularity of gadgets like Fit bit, apple fitness watches have made people addicted to using it every day for a healthy life. It is not only famous for its brand, but also it’s so many excellent features. However, the real question comes now. Is it necessary for a healthy life? The answer is Yes or No.
Because it solely depends on the individual how they want to nurture themselves. Some does not wish to track themselves often because they trust their inner positive feeling and not just the modern machine. These days, we see not only a sports person but almost everyone tracking their health through one of these wearable and applications from the smartphone.

Are Fitness Trackers Essential For A healthy life?
Are Fitness Trackers Essential For A healthy life?

However, the real intent of these devices is to make people active and understand their health to prevent any diseases.

Who Should Need It?

Now that the medical world is drastically moving towards Artificial Intelligence. A lot of researches is going on to treat patients using AI bots. These wearable devices predominately manufactured to treat the heart patient patients who need continuous health monitoring and dieting.

Are Fitness Trackers Essential For A healthy life?
Are Fitness Trackers Essential For A healthy life?

It is an excellent investment for the people who are into diet and exercise. This gadgets and application on smartphone give a performance graph which shows your progress towards your fitness goal. Moreover, this motivates people to push themselves more into fitness.

The Cool Features Of Fitness Wearable

Count Your Steps

The sensor in the devices counts every step that you take in a day. It also takes the count when you claim actions up to and down. It helps the individual who has the goal of reaching 10000 steps every day and also to make them active.

Check Your Heart Rate

These trackers have heart rate monitors to measure your pulse every day. You can monitor your pulse rate when you run, exercise or rest. It is a great way to understand your heart rate on how it is going up and down while you do different activities.

Monitor Your Sleep

It can also track how well you are sleeping. However, an algorithm is written in a device. The sensors work together to find out that if you had a good sleep over the night or not.

Pairable With Smartphones

These devices can often sync well with the application installed on a smartphone. So that we can see the performance graph of our everyday activity, heart rates to understand the difference.

Messaging Feature

It has an alerting feature that sends you a reminder about your everyday exercise schedule. Also, it appreciates you when you reach your goal by sending a text message.
The latest trackers can even send your performance report to your doctors for reference.

Top 5 Fitness Trackers And Wearable

There are many fitness trackers available in the market and below are the most popular products in the current market.
• Fit bit charge 3
• Garmin Vivo active three music
• Apple watch series 5
• Fit bit Inspire HR
• Fit bit Versa 2

 Top 5 Fitness Trackers And Wearable
Are Fitness Trackers Essential For A healthy life?

Overall, it is a good investment if you are concerned about your overall health or to understand how your health condition changes each day. Of course, if you are a heart patient, it is a must-have device.

Industries are making these devices only to improve our health and to stay active every day. Prevention is always better than cure.

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