All About Skateboard You Need

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A skateboard is a kind of sports tool used mainly for the sport of skateboarding. Maplewood board joins with polyurethane covering used in making sleek slides and provides solid durability in making a skateboard. Usually, skateboards comprise of seven heaps of wood. Skater drags the skate using one foot while the other foot remains on the board.

Skateboard can be used in different ways that are just by standing on the board when on sliding slope and let on gravitational force push the board and rider. Recently electric skateboards are also available. Pushing with feet is not required for this skateboard; instead, a powerful motor drives the board, which has a power cell inserted in it.

All About A Skateboard
All About Skateboard To Find The Greatest One

Skateboard: Types

The two most important types of skateboards are longboards and shortboards. The form of the skateboard is essential. Skateboard must be convex-shaped to do tricks. Longboards are fast and are used in racing and sailing whereas shortboards usually are used for performing tricks.

Skateboard: Origin

Skateboarding first began in California in 1950. Skateboard got its popularity from surfing. Originally people made skateboards using wooden boxes. As the sport started gaining popularity, companies began making it in 1959. Skateboard is a one-person activity.

All About A Skateboard
All About Skateboard To Find The Greatest One

Different Parts Of A Skateboard

 A usual complete skateboard consists of the following parts.

  • Deck- Recent Decks differ in sizes, but most are 7 to 10.5 inches n size. Long deck boards are generally above 36 inches long; plastic penny boards usually are 22 inches. Skaters use some larger penny boards like 27 inches long and known as nickel boards. A longboard is essential to the type of board. Skaters generally use it for a rough surface boarding and are usually expensive
  • Grip Tape- Grip tape is a type of paper or fabric that is sticky from one side and on the other side its surface is just like sandpaper. This tape pastes on the top of the board helps the skater’s feet to hold the surface and let him be on the board while performing tricks.
  • Trucks- Trucks are the two metals attached to the deck. This joins deck with the wheel and bearing. The trucks comprise of 2 parts baseplate and hanger, and bushings are in the middle of baseplate and hanger. With softer busing, it becomes easy to turn the board.
  • Wheels- People usually make the wheels of polyurethane and are accessible in various dimensions and forms. Current street skaters typically use medium size wheels. Street wheels are generally harder.
  • Bearings- usually the wheel is seated on its axle with two ball bearings. Steel is useful in making bearings. A lot of bearing are graded on the ABEC scale, one as the lowest followed by 3,5,7and 9.
  • Hardware- mounting hardware includes a set of eight 10-32 UNF bolts. They are generally used to join the trucks with the board. Different lengths of hardware are available.


Skateboard is a tool that is used in skateboarding. Wood is generally used in making it. Skateboarding is one person’s activity. It is dragged by pushing with one foot while other remains on the board. Different parts used in skateboards are Deck, grip tape, trucks, wheels, bearings, and hardware. Possible components are Risers, shocks pads, rails, etc.

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