All About Longboard Skateboard

longboard skateboard

Longboard skateboards are longer than normal skateboards, especially when considering the deck. Decks may be several inches wider than a traditional skateboard, or they can be completely flat with no concave at all. The purpose of this is to create more stability and better control. Longer decks also allow you to turn much tighter without having to lean as much but may make it more difficult to maneuver at higher speeds. Many longboards, especially the ones that don’t have a lot of concave may also be referred to as cruisers or crusaders. They are usually used for cruising around town and going fast.

How did longboard skateboard originate?

Longboard Skateboard

Longboard skateboards originate from surf skateboards. Surf skateboards were made to emulate the same turning radius as a surfboard but on land rather than water. The board itself is much larger and heavier since it doesn’t have fins for propulsion as a surfboard does. It’s also not covered in traction tape like a normal skateboard deck would be.

What are the specific types of longboard skateboards?

Longboard Skateboard

The most common types are drop-through and top-mount. A standard deck is usually around 30″-35″ in length, but can sometimes be longer or shorter than that. This all depends on how wide the board is at its widest point. Most decks are between 6″ and 10″ wide, and vary in thickness and concave.

Top-mount decks:

A top-mount deck is one that has the trucks on top of it, rather than underneath it. This means that your feet sit on top of the board when you ride it, rather than on the sides. The trucks are mounted upside down with the baseplates resting on the top of the deck.

Drop-through decks:

A Drop-through deck is one that has the trucks mounted right through the board so it sits underneath it. This means your feet are on both sides of the board while you ride, not just on the topside. The trucks are mounted with their baseplates sitting between two skateboard deck layers, and their top-mount rests on the top of the deck.

What year did longboard skateboards become so popular?

Longboard skateboards have been around for decades but seeing a dramatic increase in popoularity in recent times due to films such as Million Dollar Extreme: The Movie which includes major skaters such as Tom Asta, Bucky Lasek, Danny Way, Bam Margera, Brandon Biebel.

What are some advantages of longboard skateboards?

Longboarding is fun! It’s also very relaxing and helps to promote a more laid-back attitude which can be great for your mental health. The longer decks make it easier to control at high speeds, and in most cases, it helps to make the ride more enjoyable.

What are some disadvantages of longboard skateboards?

The biggest disadvantage is that they are difficult to turn at low speeds. This can be especially frustrating when you want to do a trick or just need to maneuver quickly. Another thing is that they are very long, so it is difficult to carry one. A lot of skateparks don’t allow them either because they are too long for smaller ramps and park structures.

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