A Guide to Two Rivers Skate Park

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The Metro Nashville Skateboard Park is a huge public skatepark located in Nashville, Tennessee. It fills approximately 22,500 square feet at Two Rivers Park just off the Murpool Pines Parkway in downtown Nashville. The park is managed by the Metro Sports Authority. There are two main east/west lines and one south line.

An Overview

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In 1992 the skate park was designed and built by Bill Bass, who owns the Two Ridges Skating Park. It is one of the newest skate parks on the East Coast. Prior to its opening Bill had designed and built parks in Charlotte, North Carolina, Seattle, Washington, D. C., and San Francisco, California. This is the first skate park built in the Green Hills area of Nashville. Bill is also responsible for bringing the first rail system to the park.

Two rivers is divided into two sections which are the inside in one section and the outside in the other. This is also divided by a long walkway in the center of the two sections. This walkway has three marked lanes with no traffic in the inlet or out of the inlet of each lane. Each is lined with wooden posts.

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Side Park 

Most skating in two rivers takes place on the inlet side of the park. On the other side of the park is a portion that is an asphalt runway with jumps, bowls, rails, half banks, and ollies. This portion of the park is only used for skating. A small amount of skateboard riding is allowed on the two bridges that span the middle of the two inlets.

There are also some retail shops within the skate park, but it is not open to the general public. The reason for this is because the majority of the skateboarders that come to these skate parks are in school age. They need the support of their parents and teachers. Two rivers was one of the first school parks in the city of Burlington, Vermont.

Some History 

In the early 1990s, Burlington was one of the first towns in the United States to implement a whole neighborhood skate park into the city. This park had a large parking lot, which was split into a men’s and women’s area. The ladies area contained benches and a few shady trees. There were also several small bowls where skaters could practice their tricks.

In addition to the skateboarding facilities there are also a few “skate parks” located within the two rivers boundaries. These parks have small “skate parks” where people can go to get their skates on. People that live in the two rivers area will take their family there on occasion to socialize and have some fun with their children. Two Rivers Skate Park is also home to the Vermont Roller Derby Association.


The entire premise of the skate park is to allow people the opportunity to live a social life that includes the physical aspects of skating but also takes the focus away from people who do drugs and alcohol. The entire concept of the Two Rivers Skate Park is to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle by allowing them the ability to live an active lifestyle that includes the physical aspect of skating. Many cities throughout the United States have had a lot of negative publicity regarding skateboarding. Many towns have been fighting against the use of skateboarding in public areas because of the dangers that are associated with skating. It is hoped that by putting these two locations on the map of places where people can have fun without the dangers of danger, that more people will begin to take the skateboarding lifestyle seriously.

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