8 Major Girls Skateboarding Gears You Should Have

Girls Skateboarding Gear

While skateboarding looks all cool and fun, it can still give you serious injuries when a move goes wrong, and you fall. Some experienced skateboarders do not wear protective girls skateboarding gears sometimes, but that is because they know how to handle themselves fall, and even if they fall, they know the right way to fall. Or maybe some others might look at it as not very “cool” to have protective gear on. But for the beginners, it is highly recommended that they use protective gear at all times when they skateboard.

Important Girls Skateboarding Gears You Need

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Here is the list of the skateboard gears; one must have to begin with their skateboarding experience.

1. Helmet

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Fractured bones and sprained wrists can still heal, but a cracked skull is so dangerous that it can be fatal if you’re not lucky enough. And so, helmets are the most important piece of safety gear for a skateboarder. You must be wearing them at all times.

While purchasing a helmet, consider only the helmets designed especially for skateboarders and do not go with an attractive and cheap material helmet.

2. Knee Pads

After the head, the most commonplace to get injured is the knees. Knee pads come in a variety of forms; some are smaller in size and only cover the knee while there are others, a bit long, and come with full padding. The full padded ones being more protective, are more costly than the basic small ones. It is mandatory for a beginner to wear these, and as you become more and more experienced, you would have learned the skills well, and even if you fall, you would know how to fall properly.

3. Elbow Pads

There isn’t any such need for the elbow in skateboarding, but that does not protect from hurting your elbows when you fall. Like the other pads, they too come with cushioning that helps and reduces the jerks and shocks to the elbow.

4. Wrist Pads

They come in a variety of three, wrist pads, wrist guards, and slide gloves. In small accidents where you could get tears and cuts on your skin, their wrist pads will do. And in heavier accidents where you tend to have a wrist fracture, a wrist guard can prevent it from happening.

5. Shin Guards

This is especially important for skateboarders as their shin gets hit first and pretty hard while doing curbs and grinds on rails. As the shin is a very sensitive part of the body that makes it especially important to keep it safe.

6. Skateboard Shoes

These are generally not considered as important by skateboarders, but they help you stick to the board while doing tricks. They come with flat outsoles that stick well to the flat surface of the skateboards.

7. Crash Pants

These are protective clothing that can be worn under your usual clothes. These are not very bulky and are breathable and comfortable instead. These are to protect the pelvis and hips.

8. Lights and Reflectors

If you often skateboard at night, then this is a must for you to have. On roads or even in streets, not being visible at night can cause you harm even if you are riding safely. The other person may be unable to see you, and an accident may happen then and there. So to avoid this, you can have lights or reflectors attached to your helmet and underneath your skateboards.

Final Thoughts

Above mentioned girls skateboarding gears are all necessary for a way or the other to stay safe from any injuries. Also, whenever you buy the gears, do not settle for cheaper equipment just because of its low price. It may look wise at that time, but those gears aren’t really worth your money as they are generally made up of cheaper material and cannot guarantee your safety.

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