5 Types Of Skaters

A man doing a trick on a skate board

Skateboarding is one of the favorite high school activities, especially among senior students. Moreover, you have witnessed “5 different types of skaters” in the school. Therefore, we are going to see the types and see which you can fit in. Besides this, you can know your interest via this context and become a skateboard champion. Let’s get started.

5 Types Of Skaters – High School Skaters
5 Types Of Skaters – High School Skaters

5 Types Of Skaters – The Jockerboarder Skaters

What is jockerboarding you may have wondered? Well, people skating on longboards are known as jocker boarders.

Moreover, such skaters want to look cool and edgy at the same time. Furthermore, you need sandals, sweatshirts, and board shorts along with the biggest skateboard. Many seniors like this skating as it gives them the thrill and different boarding experience.  If you have ever watched the X games, then you know that these skaters love to show off. They want everyone to know that they are fast.

A Skaters Bro

Are you like being fast? Then this type is for you. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the size or shape of the board. If you are fond of a properly balanced and fast skateboard, then go for it. Besides this, students love to be proficient and fast while skating. Talking about the aim, then it’s the same, kill the boarding game.  They can even skate for hours and love to show off their skateboarding skills.

5 Types Of Skaters – The stoner Dude

People who are in love with stoner prefer longboard and cruiser.

Moreover, they go for a skateboard that catches the attention of the audience. In general, the stoner one loves to spend money on weed instead of skateboards. However, they love to board around the campus and want to talk about other players as well. Besides this, such skaters are relaxed and fun-loving as well. All do they know is how to enjoy the game and kill it at the same time.

The Skater Girl

The majority of the skaters are boys, but there are some right amount of girls in this game as well. Moreover, these girls can give a boy hard competition. They all look beautiful and fragile, but when they are on skateboards, everything gets changed. Furthermore, they love to defeat their opponents, especially boys who try to flirt with them. So, if you are interested in competing with girls, then skate with such type of skateboarder and witness your potential.

5 Types Of Skaters – High School Skaters
5 Types Of Skaters – High School Skaters

5 Types Of Skaters – The Longboarders

Some dudes think that they can ride any skateboard and defeat anyone.

Moreover, they don’t wear helmets or any safety gear. Furthermore, they start competing with any player at any place. Such types of skateboarders love to ride like crazy and won’t care about the defeat as well. They love to enjoy the game and consider themselves professional skateboarders.


The context of “5 types of skaters” has given you an idea about the different skaters that exist in high school. Therefore, go for them and see which one is your type.

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